Something about Mary, Obama, NYT, Yo La Tengo, Mad Bum

based on a story by Nate Chinen


FDCC8B0C-2BC5-4572-ADE4-4792852B227E.jpegGary my brother in law encouraged me to check out Yo La Tengo at the Fillmore last week after we lapped up 75 fairly strong left handed hurls by Mad Bum. He wasn’t familiar with the act — he’s a Deadhead — but he thought his sister my wife Terry would get over my indulgence. ( She works 36 hours strongly at the ER, while I chat up strangers at the pub buscando the next Mia and Jonah.) I tried to use Cochrane’s 1942 World Series Yankees – Cardinals Gas House Gang Press Pass to get backstage at The Fillmore and into the press box at AT&T Park. Two whiffs. Anyways flash forward a week to Mary Halvorson project aka Thumbscrew at SF JAZZ but it wasn’t until eavesdropping from overhead (on way back from room 100 upstairs) that I learned that Mary Halvorson, 37, was like Madison Bumgarnet, 40, a Southpaw. She holds her Sharpie sinister-like but plays her axe normal like not upside down like Jimi, although Ben Davis my nephew, a guitarist, a Bellarmine UC-Santa Cruz grad and New Breed New Dad, said she was “tap dancing” using both feet on her effects rack or racks, making her both good and goofy footed. I didn’t even realize I was going to a co-bill and had bought my tickets just for the Julian Lage trio. But I’d have to say, with due respect all around, like Tinkers to Evers to Chance that my takeaway and wormhole from the whole farrago is Jeff Parker The New Bread, esp Jrifted sic and “hey baby I’m giving you today…hey baby I’m giving you today” sample.

Larry Ochs the sax player was actually my guest (both wifeys begged off due to hospital fatigue) and said he had booked Mary Halvorson way back when in 2005 somewhere old world with Trevor Dunn whereas and meanwhile back in the states I told her, when she authenticated my “Ours” —but before I noticed her leftusluty —that’s not a word — leftualuty— argh, strike two— leftuality, that I saw heard her and potentially meet-greeted her in 2005 in Philly at a John Tcicai show put on my Mark Christmas Arse No Va  — jeezis. I’m so sorry, Mary, sweetheart, I’m married, see my ringy, but wifey and rover and mouse moise true leap I are couchified with Sarah Jessica Parker a villain and her ex he is being proposition something unprintable about her Big Toe. So I’ve completely ruined my Mary Halvorson ten years in the making Big Day Coming Tay Ho By-num-num not Mad for Bums talk-story —it’s the TV, the fucking TV —Jerry Manders as the beaver ads the beaver heaver was — Edwin Heaven heaves like Grover Cleveland fuckface pie hole Doggie Diner — who is that foulmothed centerfield phallus of her dirty Al Gallagher Jack Hirshman King Hal droppin put me in coach — that buttums line up buttum bluf fluffer— Just then SJP offers her climactic F-bomb— search-injun that: “Sarah Jessica Parker” +”fbomb” -knock down the old gray wall sal maglie fake Beat Case guy with issuing not at all gay shotgun in his Parkinson inside the park kisser chin music — and yes Scott Rothstein and Gregg “egg sky” Wilensky and I did caffeinate verb at Its Tops  on Market, Churn et al on Taraval and 39-40, and almost with Yessica or Hessicav Leon at Estacion or what not near Romer Youn in 22nd Street — that In November 4, 2008 Ibama Ibama strike 2 Ian the worst digital pecker Obama Hussein Barack no longer Barryblike Bobby’s bouncing boy him my onetime chase my momma LAH neighbor won the presidency as a black man and I went to bed then woke up and was RELIEVED that it was in The New York Times — as in nothing happened between 9 and 5 – but then when I saw Mary Halvorson inside on Arts P1 I was ELATED ( ie ELATED >merely RELIEVED) I got to say this to her face.

Long story short: Leroy says keep on rockin’.


Mad Bum the pitchet

i saw Yo La Tengo after the giants game quite the Banksian lets play two


This is a good one good enough out of 4,354 shots and better than the 1961 Mets

edit to ass: it’s episode 3 of “Divorce” on HBO and aired on my birthday January 28, 2018 but instead of watching in real times or even knowing it exists had Spanish food in San Carlos. E2B7132A-AD5A-4B87-BD18-F48BF81CBB51.pngI should really be sampling Mary Halvorson but, as Sarah Jessica and my actual wife Terry Acebo Davis and Duffy the dog emerge from fog to fire fore I’m outro with Beach Biys from Ep3 and maybe that was a real Beatles synth license I liked the black painter lady and in fact was sussing William Safire Passing Strange And Gail Fisher and because a couple episodes back in our binge there was a fake or ghost dog cgi Mike Conners as Frances’ father Thomas Church Haven putty mouth

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