‘Philadelphia Freedom’, The Philadelphia Experiment — Ahmir Thompson, Christian McBride, Uri Caine VS ‘Bright Mississippi’ by Monk Quartet

this is a dif knit cap than in the video — I actually thought jazz guys wearing knit caps was invented by Danton Boller, John Ellis in winter 2003

I’ve been thinking about Monk.
BLUF Not sure my tech devices get me any closer to the urban or southrern or blacker essenses of these jazz places, from my insular and easy suburban shelter and place.

Still trying to train my ears.
There’s also an Allen Touissant cd called “Bright Mississippi” with a slew of guests, I guess Nick Payton is the horn on this track.
I started this exercise by scrutinizing a tower of cds in my office, while putting on my shoes — my office is a spare bedroom of our home — and then switched to loading the tracks into my smartphone. And now I am running such while lacing my runners. But there is a litle video of Monk band –and I admit I cannot immediately name the sax, bass and drums — and he is wearing a knit cap — which reminds me of the Remi Wolf Youtube I was listening to list night. tho I doubt Remi knows Monk. Maybe the tv show. Remi says she made her knit cap. Now T is walking around the bandstand while the bassist is soloing and doing a little jerky quasi dance. The bass sounds a bit muddy. I can slide the lever back to 6:18 piano to re-view the antics.
More relevantly I saw Touissant at Stanford a few years back, I don’t recall if he played this.
He certainly did not write it, I checked.
A weird tech anomoly – – my smart phone will not let me screen capture the image of Monk and them I am describing. (Tho I can likely find the same piece on Youtube per se).
Im guessing the drummer is Philly Joe Jones?
Ties back to my quasi theme of Philadelphia.
The TPE was from 2001 and besides Andy Blackman Hurwitz of RAD there is also as producer per se AL Levinson, whose class I took at UArts.
Another page on my smarkpone has Monk ‘s Dream album, the one I literally have and it has 3 versions of this track. Now I’m playing the 3.
Two other points:
I had to use my cell phone torch to read the labels in the early morning March low light cloudy day, and old guy eyes.
I reached for my laptop computer to jot these notes while my bare toesies dnagle in the wind or wiggle — i meant this as shoe tying music.
I am hearing a bit of singing along, in the Keith Jarrett sense. It reminds me a bit of Sweet Georgia Brown, in the way that In Walked Bud by Helen Sung reminded a friend of mine of “Linus and Lucy”. Which Ethan Iverson says is a redo of Cast Your Fate to the Wind and someone else claims that In Walked Bud is contrafact of Blue Skies, which is also a Willie Nelson jam, which had me ringing Jack Walrath, tho yesterday I made a bad joke about Ballin the Jack. dig? and all this before coffee, bank or walking the dogs

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