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Twohy for two

Michael Twohy is a famous cartoonist, for example for The New Yorker.Years ago, he played varsity basketball for the Cubberley of Palo Alto Cougars.My coach Hans Delannoy, a star of the 1969, and later the coach of the 1979 and … Continue reading

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Jay Som gets some in New York and national media

I’m midweek in one of the busiest of the last 20 years but at 1:23 today I flipped open my lap top to post about Jay Som the singer songwriter from East Bay — with the same last name as … Continue reading

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Chicken Katchadourian

Served medium rare

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Holy Ollie-Sacks!!

While reading, albeit too close to two tables at Oren’s Hummus, the new The New Yorker (Trump holding a banner during a flood), I momentarily — measured 15/16s of four beef kebab-balls and 976/1,000th of a bowl of turmeric rice … Continue reading

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Brodie Jenkins as The Cathedrals / 2 at le Poisson in NYC

Hats off to Yoshi Kato for his preview of Live 105 BFD, in the Palo Alto Weekly, for focusing on Cathedrals, which is a two-person rock band electronica featuring Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin. Best music news story I’ve seen … Continue reading

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28 types of primes, or 2 times 2 times 7 rather

bounded primes? No, I mean, “bound gaps“. RTFA I sent the link to the article on Yitang Zhang to Steve and Eric Cohen; I also posted elsewhere: Steve and Eric Cohen, the twinned sons of Paul J. Cohen, are making … Continue reading

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Good luck, Zephyr Teachout in New York

I am running for Public Office in Palo Alto, California. I am very inspired by Zephyr’s work, as described in The New Yorker and The New York Times. (see “The Crooked and The Dead, by jill lepore) I was wondering … Continue reading

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Hudba to Terri Hinte

Not much of an item but I had a nice brief chat with publicist Terri Hinte of Richmond, Cali. She works for, among many, many others, Mimi Jones. Mimi Jones, also known as Miriam Sullivan. Miriam Sullivan, born in the … Continue reading

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A&R: stitsr

smoke signals from search-injuns leads to> Spires That In The Sunset Rise In 2012, STITSR released Ancient Patience Wills It Again Part 1 and 2 available as separate LP releases. Available in the US at record stores, Hairy Spider Legs, or at our upcoming shows. Distro … Continue reading

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