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Holy Ollie-Sacks!!

While reading, albeit too close to two tables at Oren’s Hummus, the new The New Yorker (Trump holding a banner during a flood), I momentarily — measured 15/16s of four beef kebab-balls and 976/1,000th of a bowl of turmeric rice … Continue reading

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Proposed Dartmouth Linguistics monument for Chicago skyline

bluf: all things — as Chief Seattle says — connected such as previous long post and now WikiHow and Wah-hoo-Wah, huh? Anna Eshoo wah-hoo-wah for standing up for judicial independence, or so say the search-injuns. A woman named Bull stood … Continue reading

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Kyu Kim, 8, Mark Weiss, 118

When architect in training Kyu Kim applied for the ARB last fall, he wrote 8 lines. And was seated. I wrote 118 lines, but got no votes. I argued that the board has an over-representation of architects — the statute … Continue reading

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For new mud brick homes on Old Adobe

In 2007 Iraqi-born artist Wafaa Bilal build a mud brick house, similar to our notion of adobe, on the grounds of Montalvo in Saratoga, as part of his residency there. I recall doing a photo-shoot there — analog, disposable camera … Continue reading

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National cream sickle day and my corn beef hash

1. Yesterday was National Creamsickle day*, although I missed the opportunity to drag my Oldenburg to the Oak Creek clubhouse to contextualize the event — a couple other opportunities popped up and one can only be so many places at … Continue reading

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Storytellers, reportage, reenactments and posts

Sunday afternoon consists of watching Tim Lincecum struggle with the Marlins — it’s 2-2 in the third as I commence — while posting a fairly mindless little ditty, comprising for the most part 21 images I managed to move from … Continue reading

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Year of the Elephant

This is either the worlds worst preview for an art show or a pretty lame fan letter. I can edit to add the actual details of  #@&^ upcoming local show; I think it said Feb. 25, 20&^ at Café DuNord … Continue reading

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Recipe for Cherry Colgado Pie

Recipe for Cherry Colgado Pie 1. While in Minneapolis, near or at the Walker Art Center and Walker Sculpture Garden, do not fail to notice the giant Cherry on a Spoon, by Claes Oldenburg. Take a picture, or get your … Continue reading

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