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Painter who can describe CH

At Gallery House, there are two cityscapes of NYC by Mitun (Balman) who also, I discovered, studied math well enough to, several years later, after Berkeley, describe CH (by Paul J. Cohen) with considerable depth. I wish I could have … Continue reading

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Raymond Smullyan’s Dracula w. Colin Meloy

I saw a book worth purchasing and someday reading, at Bell’s books, about Dracula and logic. “What is the Name of This Book:…” is the name of the book. The subhead is about the Dracula riddle. It does have a … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the Paul J. Cohen film, eight years after his passing

I’m a family friend, of the sons, but I also knew Paul. They started filming, before Paul’s illness presented. They went with him to Austria for Godel@100, and filmed that lecture, which is searchable on Youtube. The boys, although Stanford … Continue reading

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28 types of primes, or 2 times 2 times 7 rather

bounded primes? No, I mean, “bound gaps“. RTFA I sent the link to the article on Yitang Zhang to Steve and Eric Cohen; I also posted elsewhere: Steve and Eric Cohen, the twinned sons of Paul J. Cohen, are making … Continue reading

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Paul Cohen joins the set of immortals

Well, that plus the picture in the LBJ archive and 1, 3 days later: Steve and Eric Cohen and I earned our MOCL degrees yesterday at Stanford, Masters of Creative Loafing. We went by Sloan the math building where Paul … Continue reading

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Original G, or Lah med yah weh

(Note: I wrote this exactly one month ago but re-reading it, it eludes even me. The basic story is that a barista at Peet’s in South Palo Alto who did not look particularly interested in Torah had four Hebrew characters … Continue reading

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Driving me cazzie

Ok, I admit. I’m spread a little thin. Partial remedy, I gave away a book. A new book. Recently procured. Having carried the clip, the review around for a couple years. Harvy Araton’s book about the great Knicks teams, of … Continue reading

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Mandelbrot v. Cohen, Fractals v. Forcing, Morris v. Steve and Eric, ‘Errol Morris Dancing’

  “Errol Morris Dancing” >> play both of these short films simultaneously, and vary the effect by muting one or the other for sound   Cohen is noted for developing a mathematical technique called forcing, which he used to prove that … Continue reading

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True professor and Lehrer

Great interview between Michael Krasny and Jonah Lehrer right now on KQED — I am racing them to the top of the hour to post this entry of “Plastic Alto”. I had seen the article in yesterday’s Times about his … Continue reading

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Hello, Gunn genius Jin Pan

I am dedicating this quirky version (or can I say “quarky version?”) of the famous old song “Hello, My Baby” to Henry M. Gunn High senior Jin Pan, a finalist in the prestigious Intel Talent Seach contest, for science. My … Continue reading

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