Painter who can describe CH


At Gallery House, there are two cityscapes of NYC by Mitun (Balman) who also, I discovered, studied math well enough to, several years later, after Berkeley, describe CH (by Paul J. Cohen) with considerable depth. I wish I could have filmed her. My phone had died.

Maybe the Steve and Eric about Dad and Math film could include various people trying to describe CH, or the number line or the types of infinity.

I’d like to reread Amir Aczel Mystery of The Aleph (actually Mitun set me straight about the infinity symbol and the cardinality symbol the first letter of the Hebrew series).

For about a week after reading Mystery of the Aleph I might be able to explain this.

So not only does the number line go forever, to infinity or towards infinity but there are types of infinity. Many types of infinity. Also, although the average person can only think of 0, 1 or 2 examples of irrationals, there are actually more irrationals than counting numbers. Many more. Also, if you put your finger down on the number line, you are more likely to hit an irratiional so to speak than a rational (1/2, 3/2 etc)

When Cohen came up with all this, to solve a problem that had been buffudling to smarty people for about 60 years, since Hilbert’s, he had to go to Princeton and speak to Godel himself about. And Cantor sort of went crazy working on this.

The New York cityscapes with big weird skies I liked better than the reproduced versions of the cacti. I liked the pottery — maybe she can do one with fake Hopi allusions. Also the little doodlebugs on the floor reminded me of Joseph Campbell re Indra and the Ants:

anand: she had never heard of Mindy Kaling…

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