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Every day is Earth Day: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and, especially Sunday, April 24, with MC Lars and Matt The Electrician, in Palo Alto

  Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered I’m producing an Earth Day concert Sunday 2 p.m. at Mitchell Park Bowl.  I’m writing early Wednesday morning, or Tuesday night, depending how you look at it. So … Continue reading

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Earthwise Earth Day and a dozen other upcoming shows

My shows dba Earthwise: April 18 Or Bareket Quartet% April 24 Earth Day with Matt the Electrician, MC Lars and not much more% April 28 Goldberg Amendola Sickafoose Plays Monk $ May 1 Lisa Mezzacapa SIFTER 2 pm Mitchell Park … Continue reading

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Peace has come to Zimbabwe: vain search for Lew Welch: where the lemonade springs

(Earthwise music series thru August, various parks and facilities) Featuring Dan Bern, Rob Syrett, Or Barakat, Tivon Pennicott, Jeremy Corren, Savannah Harris, Matt The Electrician, MC Lars, Aleta Hayes, Ben Goldberg, Scott Amendola, Todd Sickafoose, Wayne Horvitz, Sara Schoenbeck, Gaye … Continue reading

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Six singles released by Earthwise’s Lions With Wings imprint on Bandcamp

Lions With Wings, the content platform spearheaded by Mark Weiss of Earthwise Productions as a work-around for a cancelled concert series, has released a total of six songs, with more in the works, Weiss says. The songs are: 1) Dayna … Continue reading

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MC Lars tribute to NorCal indigenous for Lions With Wings label and Earthwise

MC Lars sent me via these magic media boxes, that approximate the human experience thru an elablorate systems of digital pulses, some words, music and images that comes out of our discussion of a mutual respect for the pre-contact civilizations … Continue reading

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The MC Lars Podcast Episode #13 — Gary K. Wolf — 11/26/18 VS Frying Bacon, Making a Sammy, Eating It quotidien photo series (f Duffy)

I was listening to MC Lars podcast and watching Dave Burd Lil Dicky tv show with the sound off, but since I have short attention span, I went back to John Oliver and he was with Wendy Williams and she … Continue reading

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Flashback to May 2, two years ago, with Lars and Mark

MC Lars was in England explaining the relationship between hip-hop Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe to a group of students, on May 2, 2018. He had them hitting the trochee hard. Upon the trochee hard they hit; something something think … Continue reading

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Coming soon: CJ Chenier at Mitchell Park, with Dartmouth Coast Orchestra and MC Lars

onsale right about now edit to add, March 9 — Dartmouth College has cancelled the spring tour of its jazz band and therefore their appearance at Palo Alto. McLArs follwed suit, but is asking to be rescheduled, likely as a … Continue reading

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Montgomery VS Vallejo

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Dan Ackroyd ‘We’re on a mission from God’ VS Charlie Musselwhite at the JCC Palo Alto Sunday / Hanukkah

Please join us on Sunday, December 29 for American legend and blues master Charlie Musselwhite and his band at Palo Alto’s Jewish Community Center, a concert presented by Earthwise. The JCC performing art center presents diverse programming of its own … Continue reading

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