The MC Lars Podcast Episode #13 — Gary K. Wolf — 11/26/18 VS Frying Bacon, Making a Sammy, Eating It quotidien photo series (f Duffy)

I was listening to MC Lars podcast and watching Dave Burd Lil Dicky tv show with the sound off, but since I have short attention span, I went back to John Oliver and he was with Wendy Williams and she was eating a lamb chop, and it reminded me that I was going to fry up the bacon so that it wouldn’t go bad.
So I decided to listen to Lars with Gary Wolf, who is the creator of a series of books that I only know from the Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie and document via my cellphone camera making my lunch.

The podcast is about 90 minutes and I was done with lunch and most of clearn up –the grease is too hot to handle, although Lucky Lee I have a empty dog food can into which it to pour — and pecking away on my blog while they are finishing up.
Lars is talking to Gary at Boston University the afternoon before what most of been an inspired show back in November, 2018.

The sandwich was good. It was a hamburger bun, lightly toasted, a small red pepper sweet and a wee bit of lettuce, plus the bacon, sort of a modified BLT: BLP, close enough.

The photos are timestamped, I will add that if it sems to serve.

The rabbit story takes place in Santa Cruz, which is relevant because Lars is originally from Carmel area. He has a song about Eddie Valient the dick character in Wolf’s sheep clothing. Dick is another word for private detective and has nothing to do with issuing Dave Burd a sub-penis to find out if Jeff Goodby secretly writes his shit. I’m kind of a hater of Dave Burd in that he worked at the ad agency that I haunted back in the 1980s. Another cool thing is that Gary Wolf uses the word “bacon” around minute 46. Ok. So the filming so to speak was all between 11:22 and 11:53 or about a half hour elapsed. And it’s nearly an hour later, mostly waiting for the content to upload to my laptop, given our crappy wifi. And I have to admit that technically although this is deliberately glitch-hop reality hunger David Shields, I actually had to make and eat two sandwiches to get the shot of the chewing action. And as a shout out to Muybridge, I shot two rabit or rapid rather two rather rabbit-like bites. Lars: what is the name of the instrumental intro? Sounds like 1990s punk, like Offspring or Rancid or AFI? I liked the phrase “standardized four-P stutter” when he says “who plugged Roger Rabbit” unless he says “four piece stutter”. Also, does Lars always say “lend me your ears” or only if the subject is hippity hop? My slugline which I’m not sure where you can see it has a bad pun on his name, but I edited it out of the version you can see — I was also watching Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke and they make the same joke about Sgt Stadenko “hard hat” versus “lars bud”… Bedeep, bedeep, bedeep, that’s all folks….!!!! edit to add: fair use lift of Who P-P-P-Plugged: recognized his Oriental rug from the flying scene in Baby Baba and the Forty Thieves. It still bore the stain where Baby Herman had wet his pantaloons during one of Roger’s hare-pin turns. One whole wall displayed autographed photos of famous celebs. Studio prexy Walt Disney and his adopted nephew Mickey. Roger and Baby Herman flanking publicity agent Large Mouth Bassinger. Benny the Cab out for an evening of engine revving with Fangio, the Spanish race car driver. Baby Herman making goo-goo eyes at Carole Lombard and her making them back. Roger even had one of me and Doris. Together and happy. A collector’s item if ever there was one. A faded chunk of wall space contained a hook but no likeness. In a nearby wastebasket, I spied a silver picture frame. I eyeballed its eight by ten. Jessica Rabbit, Roger’s hotcha wife. She looked terrific, even scraped and torn by broken glass. Roger opened the breastplate in the suit of armor he’d worn in Sleepless Knights. With its straight-up-and-pointy iron ears, it would have made a perfect cocktail fork for the giant who lived at the top of Jack’s bean stalk. Roger had a better use for it. He’d converted its hollow innards into a bar. “Drink?” “Every chance I get.” He set out glasses–decaled with his likeness–and poured from a bottle of bourbon with more years on it than a perpetual calendar. I’ll say one thing in the rabbit’s favor. He didn’t know when to stop.

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