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Earthwise announces free concert series as part of Mayor’s ‘Together Again Palo Alto’ project

Mayor Tom Dubois, whose music bona fides include being the “Band Dad” for the Gunn High orchestra during his son’s formative years and now being engaged to a jazz singer, asked me to help out his “Together Again Palo Alto” … Continue reading

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Earthwise free concerts at Mitchell Park Bowl with La Doña, Vetiver/David James

https://www.eventbrite.com/o/mark-weiss-dba-earthwise-22673212221   Vetiver joined the show when David James‘ project was moved from the cozy interior of the Palo Alto Art Center to Mitchell Park, at the suggestion of his agent, who is also the agent for a Laura Veirs … Continue reading

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Clarinet Thing full concert Palo Alto 66 minutes

Beth Custer artist Mark Weiss promoter selfie February 25, 2020:

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Giants of improvisation VS Mardi Gras VS Beth’s birthday VS Earthwise at The Mitch VS Duke

OR: CLARINET THING AT MITCHELL PARK, FEBRUARY 25, 2020 FULL CONCERT (67 MIN) These are times that try something novel, here in the mediated consciousness stream of my fellow music lovers and coronavirus resisters. I do believe that our inclination … Continue reading

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Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom rattles Mitchell Park Center in Palo Alto, Thurs., Oct. 18, presented by Earthwise Productions

People can email me at earwopa@yahoo.com or if you can figure out how to post a comment below to RSVP or COD cash on delivery but otherwise it’s cash at door. The room is pretty big we should be fine. … Continue reading

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Super John John

I met John Shifflett (1953-2017) at Cubberley Community Center in Palo Alto in July, 1996 when Medeski Martin and Wood sold clean the room and, on the advice of Charlie Hunter, I booked as support Will Bernard, John Shifflett, Rob … Continue reading

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The Deacons Hop by Big Jim McNeely early rockstar when sax was a rock instrument

Thanks to okie dog and guy who signed that weird Oklahoma art rock Flaming Lips David cat katznelson for the heads up. If you read the tags here you can see that I’m imagining stringing together six or seven different … Continue reading

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Of his 49 projects this year, Matt Merewitz works with at least four that I have strong sense of

Of his 49 projects this year, Matt Merewitz works with at least four that I have strong sense of. The artists, if not these new works. Not yet. One, is Dave Douglas, for “Brazen Heart” a quintet that features Jon … Continue reading

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Ben Goldberg Orphic hit with 9 musicians at YBCA

Ben Goldberg and I spoke briefly the other day about his upcoming hit at YBCA, and he emphasized that this is the only live performance of a project with a new cd he recorded and his releasing Orphic Machine, featuring … Continue reading

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From Taylor Ho Bynum ‘Technology Austerity Manifesto’

Art is contemporary if it is fluid with its environment.” —John Cage, courtesy of a David Shields tweet; check back or “search” for photos of the actual event, “!Taylor Ho!” Recently my wife and I decided to try something new … Continue reading

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