Molly vs Jerry on ‘Cold Rain and Snow”

Molly Tuttle is playing a much-anticipated show in her hometown on Monday September 30, at Mitchell Park Community Center, so I’m geeking out on her internet footprint. There’s a video of her playing with Allison Brown and Sierra Hull on “Cold Rain and Snow”.

Which sounds like a Dead song so sure enough I am running her’s side by side with The Grateful Dead in 1986.

Someone said Peter Rowan does a version.

Who wrote it?

I admit I have not listened all the way through to compare the music thoughtfully.

Note that Molly is playing with an electric band.

Allison Brown is the owner of her label, Compass.

Jerry and Bob Weir they say met because Jerry was a banjo player and it caught Bob’s attention. They were in a jug band before they went electric.

It is sort of like the people who said Reggie Bush would be a hall of famer, but Molly has the potential to be top 10 all time from Palo Alto. But she certainly has more plays on the internet than Jerry had at the same age.

twenty minutes later: I fell down a rabbit hole remembering that i saw an article in the Pink — not Pretty in Pink with Molly Ringwald but the Chronicle’s entertainment section — of a production at Feinsteins Caberet venue in Sf right thisvery minute – 10:42 on a M Monday, where two young Broadway fans or singers — Molly’s age — 23 and 26 — rewrote 50 showtunes wih pronouns switched. So I had “helpless” and “burn” of Hamilton I sort of know — Gwen from Letter Perfect the store not the show said she’s seen H 4x — and then worse than that I geeked on a young woman Rachel Zegner who is being cast as Maria in a Speilberg remake of West Side Story — who would remake West Side Story? — Spielberg. Anyways continuing my spiel:

Molly and Jerry sing Cold Rain and Snow which is called actually Rain and Snow and is a murder ballad from England circa 1907 acc Wiki.

Did I document here in Plasty that part of the Molly story is that she is friends with Steve Poltz and one of her songs is something that Steve and Jewel co-wrote but never finished or recorded and Molly did both — so it is cowritten by all 3 and they maybe played it together, maybe at Telluride — I saw a photo of Steve and Jewel at least.

This is likely too much of a curve ball but I like Molly and another blue grass comer doing a version of Op Ivy. (And I looked but: I could not find a bluegrass version of “hamilton” but there is a bluegrass band called Hamilton somethings)

I guess what I do like about being 25 years into a music career is that it still seems like a brave new world, open field, green grass and high tides together. Forever.

back to point: but late for supper: Bluegrass Situation at Ace Hotel tribute to Jerry Garcia f Molly Tuttle, Josh Ritter, Amos Lee et al.

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