Rating 10 possible Palo Alto city council results (or slates?)

BLUF:: I am predicting TEA although ATE I thought a better acronym, so I’m saying two of three incumbents will hold and Alison will displace Cory based on more life experience. You cannot have STEAM without TEA at least in this game; in real life it’s the other way around. All three are musical enough: Alison wrote me to say that she sings in a choir.
1) TOM DUBOIS 12,000 votes
2) ERIC FILSETH, 11,456
4) CORY WOLBACH, 11011 (which to millennials is also slang for “maybe”)
5) PAT BOONE, 2,345 which is pretty fly for a new guy in town running under a pseudonym

Are you PAT, ACT, ACE, ECT or IzWhat?

And that’s the TEA (my neighbor’s teen told me to say it like that)



Pat Boone = P

Alison Cormack = A

Eric Filseth = E

Cory Wolbach = C

Tom Dubois = T

Incumbents hold: ETC (“et cetera” but not “ecstasy”)

Sea Change: PAT, APE or CAP (both newbies win)

Pro Housing: (levitsky has one like this)

Girlie but Establishment: (baten-caswells have this) ACE

I’ll finish this later. (I have photos of Levitsky and Caswell homes)


I’m the only one, as I mentioned to Anna Eshoo, at the Jessica Morse thingy, that has a Dauber and an Eshoo sign (because Eshoo opposed the recall headed by “Mrs Dauber” ie Michelle Landis Dauber)*.

Also, and this hardly fits here, –well, check that, everything under the son and across the universe fits here, in Plastic Alto –but Joe Simitian mentioned in passing (at Palo Alto Farmers Market, or just past) that Jeremy Lin was once briefly on his staff, but in Palo Alto not Sacramento office (and its in his NBA bio). And I countered (being both an ass and a Gunn alumni zealot) that his Harvard bio claimed he was Editor of the Campy and I claim, because I read the paper that year, that he was a sometimes sport columnist, talking about himself, or saying trying to be convincing that he and Steve Brown had played together for 6 years (on club not middle school, he forgot to mention), and maybe page editor, but probably not even sports editor. I did mention that I am endorsing and gave to Alison because Mrs. Russell’s son played for Gunn, hoops. Also, and I am a bit of an eavesdropper, Simmsy was suggesting that Commission Monk call on Micki Schneider (ex-Council, Spiral’d downward) in San Diego? I didn’t know her and was not political at the time but she let me put Earthwise Productions Cubberley Sessions posters in the window of her store, space permitting.

There’s a music cluster: CET or P in that Cory played trombone at Gunn, Tom raised money for Gunn band, Eric poses with a guitar above and Pat Boone shares the name of a white guy with blue suede shoes, a singer. Or ECT, for “ecstatic” works for the music as much as the sort of housing.(So edit to add, weeks later, and after the Weekly and the Post both picked my slate, all five are arguably musical and its arbitrary to claim that Tom Dubois, Eric Filseth and Alison Cormack are more musical than Cory, who played trombone at Gunn. Or is it racist to say that I think Pat Boone is musical just because he is black? I also previously and several times in fact asked him if he’d like to shoot hoops with me and or Tom at Johnson Park, n.b.)

I was just writing about Corey Harris not Cory Wolbach (who told me the Brett Anderson who signed his petition was probably not the singer for The Donnas), and also I wrote about Cory McCullogh of Xiu-Xiu. Here’s a picture of local not-Rasta Cory:

Fifty days out or so, and not withstanding if “build baby build” has more Big Mo than “New Rez / Senzible Zoomba”, probably the incumbents will carry:

by James keene on jan 5, 2015 at their swearing in and his Tweeter:


it was 3.5 years ago today, rich prioste told the band to play

and one (although I owe about five or 15 more combinations):

I woke this a.m

I’ll Splain later. Calling Aleta Hayes. (I was fantasizing about a candidates forum wherein the one task would be to interpret a Bar-Kays ditty)

i think so far I’m ATE or EAT.

PET is Pat, Eric and Tom which is misleading since Alison advertises a that people can walk with she and her dog.
Edit to add a week later
1)?PEA like Mendelian sense fits better
2) actually I don’t think it amounts to a hill of beans the difference all the ideas overlap. Mixed use hill of beans new currency.
3) yet there is no way to get a candidates forum as the opening act of a jazz concert.
Edit to add the next month October my favorite month per day baseball which is why I missed the candidates form last night but I’ll try to make up today and I just decided am endorsing Karen Holman for the open space board despite the fact I cannot vote for her and I have a funny joke about her competition. I think my wife Terry Acebo Davis Will add her name invoice to the cause but I cannot speak for her Duffy is undecided at this point but is sniffing the air.
our article on the candidates on the other hand was freaking boring as is the race parentheses so I guess your article is fitting parentheses you could liven up future articles by noting that there was a sixth candidate Who withdrew when his mother died and who consistently agitates and advocates based on the writings of Robert Reich for example saving capitalism 2015 who like Weiss went to Dartmouth and of George packer for example the unwinding who like Weiss went to Gunn The basic argument being democracy unraveling or winding down based on the lack of citizens engagement, Evident even supratentorial to the race weiss’s appeal to the press table
Monday when apropos of 980 Middlefield the mayor arbitrarily cut off the hearing leaving three citizens without a voice on top of cutting the previous 30 to 2 minutes not the policy published traditional three minutes parentheses sometimes one minute right? Parentheses
By the way my freshman roommate at Dartmouth was at Gonzaga while Kavanaugh was at Georgetown prep and nobody of my generation believes His story. My friend, BG, of counsel to Verizon ironically enough parentheses because I denounced Verizon here grew up 2.5 miles from the judge to be said he recognizes him although doesn’t actually know him
Lastly hey Beth Minor is kind of on my sheep list because the public announcements should be in the weekly Better reach.

This was also my personal ranking of the 10 possible outcomes. Interestingly virtually all possible outcomes form an acronym you listed as the ETA whereas I have it as TEA. Predicting that order of finish.
My reverse rationalizing slogan was then “you cannot have STEAM without TEA” connoting their respective involvements in the arts and music: Eric plays a guitar (at least he poses with one) and claims to listen to hip bands like War On Drugs; Tom was a chief fundraiser for the Gunn (Jazz) band, Plus he once quoted Journey titles in an essay on parking; Alison sings with a choir, (or so she told me, in reaction to an earlier edit of this, and I believe her — I believe everything she says, in the George Washington sense).
Let’s get Greg Rolie to play outdoors at Mitchell Park in celebration .

Second helping: I beg to differ with my esteemed (steamed?) colleagues and co-congregants Eric(Rosenbloom) and Steve (Levy), and my fellow former Gunn weight-lifter Nancy (Krop). Alison has more life experience as both a Mom and a corporate exec— when Cory said “the industry” he was apparently referencing his stint as a security guard.
Also let us recall that previously in these pages Greg Scharff was called a “country lawyer” when he was actually a landlord and real estate specialist; Cory was called “The Diplomat” when he was unknown, eleventh-hour and an epitome of the Hamilton “Aaron Burr” false wisdom “Talk less, smile more”. And the music stopped.

*sometime after I wrote this I learned that Anna Eshoo and Michele Landis Dauber (wife of school prexy Ken) had a coming-together in that Anna supports and appeared at an event for the Michele campaign against sexual predators. I made my little joke about the Anna-Ken rare double when I met her (for the first time, as I can recall) at a congress fundraiser and she gave me a big hug, because she had heard my mother had died (my mother, like my father, were in Camp Anna since doorbell one, — personal to AE – thanks, that was nice of you.)

There is still 25 days of this so hold your horses and ring them bells.

This has 5 million views so maybe I’m helping Cory:

and and: a neighbor, hosting a candidates forum in her yard, suggested i was smoking the tea.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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