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when i sneak my cell into stanford theatre and the lady, who is cool with almost falling off a ladder for minimum wage when she changes the names on the marquee, asks me not to use my cell, marshall mcluhan, noam chomsky and more

Quincey Tyler Bernstine, Elizabeth Holmes, Natasha Lyonne

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Christopher Wallace vs Paul Frees

I. II.   (One of these guys is the Notorious B.I.G. While the other is the voice of popping fresh Pillsbury doughboy;  in the movie Spiderman spider verse there is a clip from hypnotize with the lyric Poppa been fresh … Continue reading

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Good luck, soccer Palo Altans Japic, as their lore spreads to Waco, Texas

As reported in the Palo Alto Weekly, Palo Altan Japic who led her team with 14 goals in 11 games sophomore year, her only high school season, announced a verbal commitment to the Baylor Bears class of 2024 soccer. She … Continue reading

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Go, Maya! Go, Maya!

Picture is forthcoming but I saw my Dartmouth classmate Maya Wiley on NBC today discussing Michael Cohen and Donald Trump.

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Ernest Withers, Ernest Gaines

Gh I have to admit that sometimes I confuse al young and Ernest Gaines. I guess if I had met either Mann or saw him read or see him read that will illuminate the problem they’re both among the top … Continue reading

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Clarence Thomas’ reckless disregard for intelligence

Thanks to the Sullivan decision, it is indeed hard for public figures to win libel suits. They have to prove that something false was said about them, that it harmed their reputation and that the writer acted with “actual malice.” … Continue reading

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Bob Cousy v Hamidou Diallo

  And this one, maybe I printed it previously is related to an even earlier six or eight part drawing of Boston Celtics Bob Cousy, him demonstrating the novel dribbling technique. Diallo plays for Oklahoma Thunder and won the All … Continue reading

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