The Times says these three people are not people but CGI, AI androids or what nots

Alice Beatrice Tokeahontas
Lucinda Kalindara Payne
Lucy Doom

I don’t know if I violate copyright by freeze framing or capturing these human type faces in the times story about AI — Havent’ read the small print.

Reminds me of Philik K Dick or movies thereof.

Reminds me of writing a poem about 25 years ago about 3D printing Derek Wolcott the poet.

Something else flashed thru me head — oh, yeah, Howard Finster gives or gave funny names to his arch angels or what not specificially in his Coke bottle dimension art pieces.

couple other random thoughts:

the ad agency i once pined for, the CEO fount has a deep fake of him dancing and they used the same tech to have a doritos commercial with good dancing. Clearview.

In the early days of dashboard GPS systems, drivers famously followed the devices’ directions to a fault, sending cars into lakes, off cliffs and into trees.

reminds me, since this is a music blog, about Lake Street Dive which I sometimes call Lake Shore Drive, being from the south side of chicago.

outtro: when you were mine by lake st dive with molly tuttle me so horny.

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