Kudos to Ann Killion of the Chron for her support of gay sporting life on The Farm

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Gay Chinese Canadian volleyball players at Stanford? I wonder if the creepy 63 yo Chinese math professor who liked to shower with wrestlers knew about this? Hung Le. I wonder if Volleyball was even a sport when Muybridge shot photos of naked wrestlers and baseball bat swingers? Maybe Jeffrey Toobin can write the book version of your story. I’m not anti-Asian or a homophobe or strictly speaking anti-CA or anti-VB — and yes a university with a $30b endowment that cuts non revenue sports is being officious— I’m a Dartmouth guy and when we cut swimming men’s and women’s we got accused of anti-Asian bias — my class of Dartmouth 1,050 had 20 Asians and only five out of closet gays and lesbians— but i think you should save your story until Stanford has an out of closet quarterback. I met Davis Mills and his tight end on Uni Ave the other day — after the Colorado game — and I mistook them for linemen — I wonder if they’ve read “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”? Whatever The Farm is or isn’t for Justin Lui in 2020, 2021, at least he doesnt have to stick his dick thru a glory hole or “TAP FOOT FOR BLOW JOB” under Baker Tower like we did at Dartmouth in the Reagan area. Mark Weiss In Palo Alto I actually wrote about this for The Dartmouth and got a book award jimmy Carter “Faith” but blackballed by AXA
Actually i got an A-cite from Jim Shapiro for noticing two different descriptions of Edward the Second in successive editions of Holinshed.  https://markweiss86.com/2020/01/21/my-dartmouth-class-had-only-12-asians/
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photo from PAW website
Muybridge was a friend of Leland Stanford, there is a monument to this on Campus Drive, but he was kinda freaky, right?
When I met Davis Mills on Uni Ave after the Colorado game I had no idea who he was, I asked if they were linemen, and I noticed that he and his tight end both had rather long hair

My teaser line linking Gary Floyd to Justin Lui and Davis Mills is a bit of a red or cardinal herring in that he is a musician and a Gen X or Baby Boomer and they are post-millenial and athletes and actual Stanford students (what I call affiliates, a broader term that includes staff and others); Gary and his band The Dicks played a party produced by Steve Cohen at Alpha Delt house in 1986. Alpha Delt house is or was somewhat near the Chanel Miller monument, a fountain and two benches, in stone. Steve and his twin brother Eric and I walked the area a few weeks ago, on way to the Dish. Gary was a punk from the old school, and from Texas; Mills is from Georgia, Greater Christian Academy where he was super-oggled even as a prep.

Don’t athletes get enough attention without doing glamor photo spreads? This is a great place to state that in 1984 while an intern at the Times Tribune I dated Carol Hegna a recent Stanford grad who told me she was set up with John Elway when he was a freshman, at a KKG Kappa Kappa Gamma “Screw Your Sister” event

and 1 or ann won:

wait a minute: granted, my tribute to Ann Killion, 2004 California Sportswriter of the Year — I think for the Merc — is hackneyed and twisted and oh so Plastic Alto’d — but her own paper went from “He came out to his team before Stanford cut his sport. Now he mourns a lost family” in the online version to the less ballsy “Finding Himself even as Stanford Cuts his Sport”. Good news, you’re on page 1. Bad news: we’ve subverted your entire thesis. And meanwhile Terry my wife, the artist Terry Acebo Davis was in the other room napping in front of PBS while I was not listening to “Tales of The City” some pretty racy stuff. Documentary on the gay lifestyle piece that was fiction in a daily paper speaking of genre bending.

last word:

So, on an email chain that his teammates used to keep connected during the pandemic, he typed a brief message. His statement is one that remains rare in the world of men’s team sports.

He told his Cardinal teammates, “I’m gay.”

And then he put his phone down and went out for a long walk.

edit to add: Ann K of the Chron wrote back that I was a homophobe. I noted last night that even Andy Cohen had a Jeffrey Toobin joke, in his “I Never…” segment with Cameron Diaz. What was that joke about a journalist asking a coach if it was ok that players held hands in the huddle and his response was that it was ok with him as long as their were more than two of them doing so. 

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