Gunn hoops ranked #1 in CCS

Desite losing to Bellarmine by 36 points: by MaxPreps, minimum of five games played; Titans start 5-1 with wins over Cupertino,
Kent Lockhart not included; local rules, gravity, chaos, Heisenberg, still apply. AI is Allen Iverson not your stupid algorhythm.

I had gone over this a few times during football season: Gunn finished 8-2, if you include the forfeit late in season to Lynbrook, but stil listed at 7-2 by MaxPreps a popular authority. This ranks Gunn #42 in section, out of 93 teams, of middle of the pack. Good by Gunn’s historical standard which I estimate at losing two thirds of the time. But there are only 21 other teams who have more than their 8 wins, and some of those had the benefit of extra play in the post-season, so to speak. Shouldn’t Gunn be considered top twenty? Should a team at the bottom of the Catholic league be ranked higher? Coach Miller responded to a previous version of my argument to send a different rating system that indeed weighed field results over reputation of the teams or how many sons of NFL players were enrolled in the school.

1981 Kent Lockhart in Action not included

So now briefly we have the equally dubious example, to the point of absurd, of Gunn being ranked #1 — out of six teams qualified — in CCS hoops, which it says has a requirement of 5 results. I would say, without further research or data, that Gunn might be top 20 in a good year — my team was ranked 1 or 2 all season and finished 25-3, and in 2009 Gunn and Paly were the only Santa Clara public schools ranked in top 10.

I mean to attend December 11, Gunn vs Pinewood. Pinewood uses a gym located on Palo Alto land, at the old Fremont Hills School – I sometimes chide leadership that we should be collecting more rent from these rich people. And Pinewood has a kid I’ve met named Norwood who is being recruited, according to his dad, to my Dartmouth.

Also, weirdly, I bought a fake Jeremy Lin #4 Palo Alto jersey for $60 from the hip thrift shop at Bryant south of Uni. It has blue shadows to the white letters on green, unlike an actual game worn high school jersey. Which reminds me that I have Kent Lockhart’s Gunn white #25, which I think we should try to sell for $500 in same show, and donate to PIE, in honor of Danny McCallister, who died in 2006. I will try to ring Kent down under and see if this is stil his will. The funny thing about the fake Jeremy is that I also met Drew Durham who swore in a written afidavit that he was two years ahead of Jeremy for the Vikings and that his friend Robert Anderson lost his place on the team AND his #4 to Jeremy, so they are sort of haters, I would think. Whereas I merely claim that he lied his way into Paly by claiming he was transfering in from Gunn-zoned or Gunn-track for reasons other than basketball. Interestingly, I learn just recently that just as there was a wide disparity in football between Churchill Street and Arastradero there may be an equally wide difference between journalism instruction at the two schools. Gunn has had the same advisor for 18 years, but, I sort of know Esther Woj and she is no Esther Woj. I’ve met Esther. I was an advertiser for a while. I’ve met two or three of the Woj sisters. One is a doctor who I think went to Harvard; one was friends with the singer Nyree. One owned the condo next to my parents and that is now owned by her former partner they call Serge. (Weirdly, I met a Pinoy named Serge from Melbourne and told him about Lockhart, earlier today). Any hoo, if it turns out that Jeremy said he wanted, half-truthfully, to attend Paly to work with Woj and not KB, that’s actually kosher. Maybe less true in 2006 than today. And by the way, I also had Yiaway Yeh mayor of Palo Alto look at the sealed record of the transfer via Gunn dad Skelley when Linsanity was cresting. And it is not true that Jeremy Lin played at the new Mitchell Park concrete not asphalt hoop, despite the weird and false signage. Jeremy shot the ball around with later mayor Greg Scharff who altered his shot a bit “Good d, Mayor” the tape says. But he did not play there. He did play at JLS, not Jordan. And he was a page editor of the Campy not the editor, despite the fact that Harvard PR says otherwise. I read the freakin’ Campy that year.

Anyhow good luck Pinewood — Norwood — Gunn — all players — and Paly — Chancellor– this year. Also Jaden I think Gibbs son of Gunn Harvard Rhodes Geoff Gibbs, son of two professors, at Encinal or Alameda. And sorry to Scott Amendola that his son didn’t grow into varsity shows or shoes, as Ed Sullivan would say. In every problem there is a gift. Scott Amendola and Charlie Hunter, fresh from shows at The Mitch, Santa Cruz and LA are soundchecking in Albany but I am banking my hours for the Warriors and other things. That’s how the ball rolls. Did I mention a ball signed by Walt Frazier, Mildred Howard, Dave Newhouse, Nate Branch and Marcus Shelby?

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