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Cancellation of multivariable math at Paly and Gunn, Gunn and Paly, Paly or Gunn, Gunn or Paly, and or Gunn and or Paly and or Gunn

  I’m a photo of Fields Prize winner Paul J. Cohen and I do not disprove this message At Tuesday’s school board meeting, Don Austin addressed the forum to respond to the numerous comments from students and parents about the … Continue reading

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30th year presenting concerts as Earthwise

Jenny Scheinman, violin, Todd Sickafoose, bass, Scott Amendola, drums and effects, performing as Damn Skippy, Mitchell Park Community, March 4, 2023: soundcheck Jazz and folk at seven public facilities in Palo Alto Earthwise spring summer series 2023* Phoebe Hunt, Lytton … Continue reading

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Long Day’s Journey into Three Dog Night

I was the only person who saw Dan Bern at Lytton Plaza, Palo Alto at 4:30 then Three Dog Night at Menlo Park’s new glossy Guild Theatre at nine. I was pondering the possibility and then my wife –Terry my … Continue reading

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Edit to add, later that night: If you live near Palo Alto you might notice this week the proliferation of obscure advertisements in propaganda that say DAN BERN HERE SAT 4 PM like 17 characters. It ain’t bragging if it’s … Continue reading

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From Ides of March to ‘Whan the Aprille’, earth day, Earthwise, beisbol et al or just giving it a sniff

Shakespeare said or repeated to beware the Ides of March but more significantly it was Chaucer who said “Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote/ The droghte of March hath perced to the roote” which 100 years later or more … Continue reading

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Still snazzy after all these years: Jon Pareles of The Times on Dan Bern 25 Aprils ago

Dan Bern strums an acoustic guitar, sings through his nose, free-associates with sly inspiration and name-drops historical figures. He is also prepared to deflect the inevitable comparisons to Bob Dylan. In his late set at the Bottom Line on Tuesday … Continue reading

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Nick Zaharias guest spot: mark you are a dick

Nick Zaharias, who might have been Paly High Athlete of the Year in 1982 if not for a guy initials J.H., is an avid reader of Plastic Alto, and a frequent commenter, albeit under various fake names and email return … Continue reading

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Vienna Teng ‘Level Up’ and Dan Bern ‘Ballad of Jimmy Carter’

  Two pretty random A&R notes, Vienna Teng new cd and single “Level Up” video and Dan Bern, from Jonathan Demme’s documentary about Jimmy Carter, “Ballad of Jimmy Carter”. I also spied something about Greil Marcus talking about “The Manchurian … Continue reading

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