Merry Christmas, again, Chop and Roxy

This Palo Alto property has likely doubled in value every decade since 1980, which is better for the landlord than delivering to his doorstep a bottle of Johnie Walker Black label every day for 40 years, way better, 10 or 20 times better. 

I noticed on page 9 of Silicon Valley Business Journal 11/26/21 a little box about small businesses with impressive and noteworthy pre-IPO valuations, “unicorn” in the local lexicon. Two of the ten highlighted are from Palo Alto: TripActions, which raised $637m and is worth $7.25b; and Plume Design, which raised $570m and is worth $2.6b. I mentioned earlier that there is a Hippo, on Lytton likewise worth billions. Yes, a unicorn Hippo. 
And, ibid, Palo Alto Networks uses our name, its CEO lived near Filseth at Poe and Bryant — next to commissioner Griffith —- and built a monster house, and did a tear down —it abuts me — and though not in Palo Alto we ought to be licensing our name to them— they spend an estimated $10m a year on branding corporate ID ads with NFL broadcasts. 
Any discussion of business tax that does not target TripActions, Palo Alto Networks, Plume Design — of course Tesla, Apple, Amazon — trillions of market cap— and leadership is pulling our horns. 
Happy happy,

Mark Weiss
Downtown North

Case in point: L———- wants to play a concert here February 23, Wednesday. The Mitch is booked, fair enough. Yet Palo Alto Auditorium is ONLY available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. i.e. business hours? If we had the same business tax as 20 other neighboring towns we’d have $200m in reserves and NOT be furloughing librarians and $20/hr techs at the art center. Its a gift to the landlords, for whom Christmas is every day, every year since about 1980…. 

About markweiss86

Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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