Happy chanukah and happy 147th birthday, in advance, dead French author Colette aka Gigi

Leslie Caron is Gigi, in 1958 thank heaven for little girls

There’s a group of four scholars here at the Cafe on Middlefield, one of whom has two books cracke (open) simultaneously; they are reading “Gigi” in the original — talk about cognate — and are charmingly subtle counter-revolutionaries. The woman at the counter, Tata, speaks un poo de Frenchy but cops to Persian or Farsi. I claim to be less funny in Farsi. I’ve annoyed them enough but I want to plus a cafe here in town also called Colette.
We speak of a “gig economy” but I will woodshed a minute then report back about calls for a “Gigi economy”.

I carry about 10 things, in the Tim O’Brien sense. I have two hours or so until the chanukah chimes on my smart phone remind me where my buttered bread re-sides.

Earlier today I met a med student and her kid sister from Florida and Philadelphia. They had a VZ breakfast but I suggested that if she really wants lox and bagel there is a counter two blocks from her, though now 4 miles from me.

My wife took my bookbag that was loosely related to The Beats, or the SF poetry revolution that started around 1956 and is still not completely ka=put. I am wearing a howl cap. A cute soccer mom just made eye contact, entering. Ah, the stuff of dreams and revolution. Try the April Fish, its here early. My pineapple fruit salad is sufficiently rupa.

Still in reverie over the Jerry Jemmott show at The Bottom of The Hill. Spoke to Jerry earlier this a.m. Also: Gaye Adegbalola, just back from Denmark, Nancy Wright by text, Bob Margolin, Annie Hart, Aisha Ayers, back home to Denver, I was led to believe. Jimmy Pugh, Charles Rumback. My own romper room.

Keira Knightley is Colette


If you are playing along at home you might appreciate to learn that Colette shares a birthday with Mikail Baryshkikov or something the dancer, Alan Alda, Jackson Pollock and Claes Oldenberg. Also, there are Libras out there like Eden Ariel the Columbia Barnard bard and Diunna Greenleaf, two days apart. When I was in St. Paul at the St. Paul Hotel I happened to recognize Alan Alda coming out to a cab and yelled “Hey, Alan Alda you happen to share a birthday with Colette! and he said back “Good for her. Good for us.” 


What I am actually carrying right here right now, what Jerry Jemmott would call inchinen the Buddhist word for right here right now: 

  1. Nirvana, special issue of Rolling Stone from 2019 and I am looking at their song “Pennyroyal Tea” apropos of an event concept;
  2. NYT, from Sunday, November 28, which seems like just yesterday;
  3. Chronicle, same date; same condition;
  4. ibid, Thursday, November 25, 2021 for those wanting to take a deep dive into November, 2021;
  5. USA Today, November 24-25, guaranteed to keep your fish fresh twice as long as other papers;
  6. A Book of Days For The Literary Year (Thames and Hudson, 1984) – -I consider this a reference, but my wife refiles it or reshelves it as a normal book; she also through nine important books into recycling, or so I fear. That after flipping the light switch off twice as a I was pulling volumes, to save energy but not the marriage; 6.a I quoteth: 1814 Stendal’s first book is published, containing plagiarized biographies of Mozart and Haydn; 1973 Colette one L two T’s aka Sidonie-Gabrielle-Claudine Colette one L two T’s but friends call her “Gigi” is born in the village of Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye. She will begin her career by ghostwriting stories for her author-husband “Willy” who locks her into a room until she finishes each assignment. 1939 William Butler Yeats dies at Roquebrune in France, aged 73. His gravestone in Ireland bears the epitaph he composed himself: Cast a cold eye/On life, on death./ Horseman, Pass by”. Whereas the aforementioned but relatively obscure yet still living Eden Ariel shares a date with Damon Runyan who wrote “Guys and Dolls” known as the Broadway Boswell” though some thing that is only in Kansas. 
  7. Miscellaneous correspondence from Bread and Roses by Heidi James

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