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Aloha to drummer Amy Cesari from Downtown North Palo Alto

Although this rock ‘n’ roll drummer has been in the biz almost as long as I have it suddenly dawned on me her story. I knew because Maya told me that when Tori quit the band with chronic illness in … Continue reading

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Caroline Davis, Covid-ear not concert, solo sax, effects and found protest, 2020

I am listening to this person do a 35 minute solo sax performance on the internet. Yesterday she led a Lee Konitz program on line with Stanford Jazz Workshop. I meant to go but it came and went. I have … Continue reading

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Turn of the Stew

My name’s Stew And I like screw A—- And by **** From on high Or down in front. Uniting Wall Street And Van Brunt Hanging chads or run Jeremy I’m now the long-time kind of guy. On my stake or … Continue reading

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The Times says these three people are not people but CGI, AI androids or what nots

I don’t know if I violate copyright by freeze framing or capturing these human type faces in the times story about AI — Havent’ read the small print. Reminds me of Philik K Dick or movies thereof. Reminds me of … Continue reading

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Six five oh livestreams in the 212

Rockwood Music Hall of Manhattan is promoting a set of ticketed livestream concerts, with Molly Tuttle and Vienna Teng. What caught my eye here in Plasty is that they are both Peninsula slash South Bay artists. Molly is from Palo … Continue reading

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Writing about music may be like dancing about architecture—

But mark morris layla on my cellphone is just one more thing draining the battery

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Two hundred posts later, I wish more people had noticed the free Clarinet Thing concert from June or February

June: 41 postsJuly: 42 postsAugust: 45 postsSeptember: 33 postsOctober: 28 postsNovember: 15 postsBut I am making sticky something I posted in June, a photo of Beth Custer and I, at her Clarinet Thing concert here in February, and the recording … Continue reading

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Post-modern exchange with Pam Mandel

Regarding her memoir “Same River Twice” published by Skyhorse Press and distributed by Simon and Schuster. Pam is from Palo Alto, graduated from San Jose State and makes Seattle her home base. Actual title is The Same River Twice: A … Continue reading

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Veterans’ Day salute with Lee Marvin and Evri Kwong

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My notes on an Os Elliott lecture from October, 1985 VS ‘Six Degrees of Separation’

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