Richter, Serra, Ruscha

This makes me want to listen again to my Sonic Youth record, and that I saw a great biopic about Gerhard Richeter at Vogue on Sacramento in SF and Bill Frisell did a show with strings and GR at SFMOMA once


This makes me want to zip over to Stanford and see if I can walk thru his torqued corten steel maze or just see it thru the fence, or is it in SF?


I don’t think Edward Ruscha truly belongs with Gerhard Richter or Richard Serra but his name camp up suggested by the computer when I was looking for something else; also: A Failed Entertainment something about Infinite Jest by David Wallace Foster?

I’m also wondering about: Manifestoes including Cate Blanchett as 15 different artists, Rose B Simpson driving her El Camino Maria down our El Camino from Menlo Park El Palo Alto to San Jose and filming in two directions like Ed Ruscha, Manhatta 1920 film also Eric Moffett did a film about Valencia Street during Covid shut down

bw what the hell i’m going to stick it here I was starting its own post about Emma Acker and the precisionists also known as “Cult of the Machine” and there are glimpses of 10 bridges in her book, but also cut to a local artist Jennifer Clifton print of Cupid’s Span sic in front of Bay Bridge — makes me want to find my art of Bay Bridge by a Palestinian artist drawn while Ed Crayton and Luis and I met to discuss the homeless from the window of 400 Vallejo circa 1991. It may have been the same day or certainly same month that Nolan Ryan thru a no-hitter, and also I was linking Charles DeMuth “5” with a screen capture I just did of Tim Lincecum’s no-no, wearing 55 — which made me think of Rose Simpson again “Gia”. From the essay in the Mia book. 

10 Glimpses of Bridges in the Catalog of Emma Acker’s precisionsist show:

  1. p. 28, an ad reads “Is Man Doomed in the MACHINE AGE?” By Bennett Lincoln no thats not it try p. 46 an ad for Manhattan “the Proud and Passionate City”
  2. p. 104 Edward Jean Steichen 1931 George Washington Bridge
  3. p. 105 Berenice Abbott Manhattan Bridge 1936
  4. this is a false sighting but there is an Paul Outerbridge in the show (
  5. also: I am wearing a Charles Sheeler shirt depicting GG Bridge but it does not reference the show per se, or is not in the catalog, I don’t think but will check again. p. 122 Ralston Crawford, Whitestone Bridge, 1939-1940
  6. p 124 and this epitomizes the concept Joseph Stella Bridge 1936 at SF MOMA but provencance notes it was created in WPA government stimulus spending
  7. p. 125 Elsie Driggs, Queensborough Bridge, 1927
  8. Charles Sheeler Golden Gate Bridge 1955 kind of an outlier and belies what I just said about “not in the catalog” but the shirt references the DeYoung but not the show — the GG Bridge was built during the era but the painting came later;
  9. Charles Sheeler and Paul Strand, 1920 stills from Manhatta sic  35 mm film 10 minutes no sound — hey, what about an original soundtrack? Plate 88 pp 166-167; quotes “Shapes of the Bridges, vast frameworks, girders, arches” also: in intro to book: Rainer Marie Rilke, 1912: Oh, to whom can we turn for help? Not angels, not humans; And even the knowing animals are aware that we feel little secure and at home in our interpreted world — I am writing this as shots of violent protest screen on our flat Samsung and a man named Dan Kalb of Oakland vows to protect us from Federal invaders — maybe the city scape in some ways birth the violence? Not quite it but: Louis Lozowick, 1927, the whole of mankind is vitally affected by industrial development and if the artist can make his work clear in its intention, convincing in its reality, inevitable in its logic, his potential audience will be practically universal.

    Cat Power “Manhattan” video

  10. Louis Lozowick, p 173 Through Brooklyn Bridge Cables, 1938 Lithograph at Achenbach, 9 x 12 by the way its is definitely the suspense bridge I am keying on; and in the coda of the catalog a timeline with little illustrations including 1936 Bay Bridge Opens, p 228. Are there bridges in the show not in the book? 

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