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Hello, Gunn genius Jin Pan

I am dedicating this quirky version (or can I say “quarky version?”) of the famous old song “Hello, My Baby” to Henry M. Gunn High senior Jin Pan, a finalist in the prestigious Intel Talent Seach contest, for science. My … Continue reading

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Pass the Crisco

My name’s Ken — which is “yes” in Hebrew — and this little jew gives a big throbbing thumbs up for Stew’s new goo, he’s making it. Continue reading

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Crush Rigo Head

I am a big fan of Rigo. I met him a couple years ago when I was helping Charles Linder. I had borrowed my dad’s Mitsubishi van to help Charles and Rigo move a bunch of panels that were part … Continue reading

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Jurassic 5 meets Tortilla Phlat

I have always held that a broom and dust-pan, properly, easily, 2na be and cleverly used are more thorough and certainly more colorful that a talisman, no motor, no electricity available, big shiny vacuum. — Steinbeck, TF, p. 86 and, on p. 91 it say: that machine was worth three or four gallons of wine but the miser Torrelli would give no more than two. Bah dah dah dah dee dee dee dee and all that. Continue reading

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Travels with Frida

The clubhouse manager of my apartment complex told me Christmas Eve that I could come back in the morning and commandeer The New York Times, which would otherwise sit all day or be wasted. Because I don’t actually live in … Continue reading

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3 Short Posts about Jason Mraz, SF Public Press and Dr. Dawn Norfleet jazz

Rushing back to my secret (wired) hideout to prepare for a presentation Monday on Steinbeck’s “Tortilla Flat”, I wrote in my head two short posts for “Plastic Alto.” But then, and only because I have known Matt Nathanson since he … Continue reading

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I (heart) Clare Rojas

I was the nerd who gave Clare Rojas a purple rose of friendship at the opening event at Paule Anglim Gallery. Clare told me that she was not actively pursuing her music activities but that she had recently posted new … Continue reading

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