Harvey got Milk? w. Tamika chock full

Yes, to answer my previous question, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver Canada (north of U.S., north of us) did morph the “got milk” campaign created by Goodby Silverstein and Partners or Goodby Berlin and Silverstein circa 1990 with Harvey Milk the openly gay politician from San Francisco who was murdered by a former supervisor there, circa 1977.



Which reminds me that I thought about picketing Starbucks here in Palo Alto and pretty far from Rittenhouse Square which is near Penn not Stanford and I did know that area back in 2005-2006 when I dated a woman at 18th and Arch the old AT&T building before they erected the giant Comcast thingy, and I was going to reference, apropos of friends of mine concerned about reports that the Jewish Anti Defamation League (ADL) of B’Nai Brith was disinvited to help train Starbuckers on anti-bias training due to pressure from the ultra-left Blcak Lvies Mttaer, with a hand-made sign: TAMIKA IS CHOCK FULL.

I was going for the effect that the person allegedly who put the kabosh on the Jewish-Black nexus (which afterall goes back to my Rabbi Sidney Axelrad marching with MLK in Selma) Tamika something, and the brand of coffee not as big a chain but well known in New England maybe strategically partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts “chock full of nuts” who I think also enlisted black baseaball player and before the Red Sox Pumpsie Green of Alameda, CA but Jackie Robinson as pitchman or scene-stealer. But someone also pointed out that the term “chock” — which I admit I have yet to gloss in my trusty Webster’s Ninth (as in, I don’t trust subsequent Websters such as 10, 11 or X) what “chock” means but I am perty darn sure it don’t mean “brown”. But I am calling out her as “whack”. I would leave out, in my comp, the “nuts”. I could lose the “is” try: tamika chock full. it sort of works.

Also, oddly, or its about time, or as TSE would say “hurry up please its time”, I heard from Jeff Goodby my former favorite ad guy and started a thread about “iota” “yad” and “jot” I claim are all one. But not alone. (As Michael Franti knows).

Also I literally spoke for 9 minutes to a reporter for local rag about the contentioius recall effort here for Judge and former stanford lacrosse attack Aaron Persky (who I don’t know from Adam, although when I met Adam Levine at Stanford shopping center and Microsoft store hard opening and Maroon 5 concert and fuck I am fucking the fuck out of all my rules about not plugging fucking fuck corporate brands, I thought he was Marky Mark but not yet hamburger helper Walburg and I literally search-injured “mark wahlburg” “tiger tattoo” and got Zippo not the lighter nor the Phil Kline piece), AL of the Rotting Pile of Organic Put it in the Green Bin -OST — I say, as Foghorn Leghorn and my own guru James Melville Cox of the strategic semi-Kershaw stutter or flutter but not strutter, I spoke for 9 minutes into her cellphone taping devicicle — for cold lampin’, pen-wieldin’ character potential but legal since Thiel took down Gawker ass-ass-n-ate-her’s — nine minutes about why I rushed back to Palo Alto from who knows where and who cares Steve Entwhistle of Stanford by Way of Utah but Not Rocky Mountain Joe Walsh Laurel Canyon varietal to vote like Cordell and Burns NO RECALL and my salad days schlepping books with perty pictures for Richie Silverstein and Jeff Goodby and a comp I once gave Jeff, one of a series or seriously 50 or more, or 20  at least mock self-promotionals, based on “Aaron Burr” and “the bullet” a Johny Pesky baseball card and I wanted to call this or that “Those Persky Bullets”. The thing passed but not here in PA.

This too shall pass. Or as Duffy Daughtery of the Bubba Smith Spartans would say: Run. Return. Or, or then die.

My IM is true.

I found the Youtube of the Goodby ad and I will try to add the screen freeze of launched my thousand slips (the bullet) but I also want to find the cite of my claim that Jay Leno had a joke about “pesky bullets”. Even the doorman of RBC three blocks from Goodby and very near a cool install of Arneson influenced busts of famous Friscans (the place that also has murals of Hawaii ports of call) new “aaron burr” by name, and way before Broadway hit of related concept.

THEBULLET.pngI gave the comp to Jeff — and in context, he had accepted and put on temporary display or installation, next to his actual Clios and Cannes Gold Lions my fake dingi at least twice before — re Goose Gossage not Howard Gossage and his dog food client and put on Andy’s name “BowWow” and Rich as “Saliva-stain” — and he looked at it and didn’t get it and I explained it, about as succinct or not as this and he goes “Oh, I didn’t think you had actual reasons for these things” meaning were they all just pure unconscious in the Jungian sense, I think, or so have for the last 29 years.

No. No reason. Pure chaos theory. And the Liberal Arts.

and 1: this goes below but in terms of “disco” it is good to know or Goodby that the founder of Studio 54 Ian Schrager is also the man who after paying his debt to society then bought Gramercy Park Hotel my favorite, upgraded it, sold it and went PUBLIC. And if you search my surname and the type of ceramics made by people in New Mexico you may surmise or mere surmise sir why I think the outgoing director of our best regional museum may, the way the senator from Oregon apparently reads me on basketball, see all this, and meet me. What’s that movie about meeting on Empire State Building, now the Fay Wray but the sad one about ships that pass in the night? Brooke Trout Almendine Shields. Dan Any Mountain. Poor Amy Krouse. There’s a little bit of Maria in every song I wrote but probably not the same Maria that worked at 921 Front Street although it is the same Pam or Pammie Laws of Seven Day Diary fame. Weird.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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