Davey Havok at the Cub, July, 1996

AFI headlined a four band bill produced by Earthwise The Cubberley Sessions / Warm Weather Series in 1996

AFI headlined a four band bill produced by Earthwise The Cubberley Sessions / Warm Weather Series in 1996

edit to add: I name-checked AFI in 2012, during my campaign, because the PAW had an item about Tim Gray’s and my campaigns, as “Rage against the machine” – I was quoted as saying Palo Alto has a Chicago-style machine, running things behind the scene; but then I commented that I was more “AFI” than RAM.

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE … Palo Alto City Council candidates Tim Gray and Mark Weiss have one thing in common: Each thinks the city’s political process has become far too exclusive and too welcoming to entrenched politicians. Both had run for council in 2009 and both finished near the bottom of the 14-member pool. Both are planning to run again in November. But they have one major difference. Gray, whose 2009 campaign chest totaled of $800, said he plans to make a “big loan” to his campaign in hopes of being more competitive this time around (though he said he will be the campaign’s sole funder). Weiss, who often bemoans the influence wielded by local developers, is less interested in money. He told the Weekly that he will not accept donations and he will put together his campaign ideas through “crowd sourcing” — that is, figuring out between now and November what residents would like to see on his platform. “I’m trying to be someone in the election who is creating an alternative to a machine, or to a system that cranks out a particular type of candidate,” he said.

Thanks, Gen. Rage Against the Machine? I’m more about AFI, who played Cubberley in 1996, in terms of style. Or Ozomatli, or Steve Earle. AFI stands for “a fire inside” or “asking for it.” fyi
The biggest news right now in terms of agitprop is Pussy Riot

and1: actually we had AFI, Cake and Medeski Martin Wood in one weekend, well over 1,000 people all in. (That would be about 10,000 tickets today, like Shoreline, or at least Greek Theatre).

The photo is either by Lisa Vian or Trish Leeper.

andand: I taped this performance on Kimmel and remember thinking how grown up they look, relative to 1996:

Here he or they is circa 1999:

andandand: I cannot believe I never noticed this review, unsigned, from Santa Cruz Metro:
D.I.Y. Diplomats
Locals rock yuppieville and Gilman punk-politics fest
Fury 66 hit the road on Thursday to open for A.F.I. at the Cubberley Community Theater in Palo Alto, which is better suited for children’s plays than punk shows–the floors slant in neat rows of bolted-down seats and awkward aisle spaces. The audience itself was overwhelmingly juvenile, with the exception of several rows of bewildered, yet patiently smiling, chaperones seated in the back. Three-piece Vintage 46 opened with a well-executed but redundant set, replete with many Rancid-isms that were difficult to ignore. Fury singer Joe Clements managed to pull some of the kids out of their passive, TV-watching slouch and up to the narrow strip of space in front of the stage to jump around, but the energy was soon tainted by a few big drunk jocks who began extracting theater seats and throwing them on stage.

While the Fury guys took this with weary grace, Roach, guitarist for the Groovie Ghoulies, wasn’t so forgiving after getting hit with a big piece of wood and metal. Incensed, the band stopped cranking out their Ramonesey feel-good hits and Roach ordered the culprit to come up and explain himself. Unable to verbalize, he could only respond by shrugging his shoulders, picking up the seat and throwing it down again, at which point he was quickly escorted off stage by a bouncer.

As far as I could tell, A.F.I.’s set went without incident. Their show at the Vet’s Hall Basement on Friday was fun, from what I could see through my bifocals and hear through my hearing aid in the old folks’ corner behind the stage, where I dragged my weary bones after some kid’s skull cracked open my lip during Mock’s set. The sound was up and down all night, with A.F.I. falling into the nadir (look it up, kid–it’s on the SAT!). Despite the lack of a guitar mic and other problems, they had the kids in a frenzy like small, bloodthirsty sharks, thrashing around to mile-a-minute guitar lines and Davey’s snotty, high-pitched vocals. It must be observed that not only has Davey lost his curled forehead spike, but the whole band was sporting new sneakers and generally looking less grimy. Oh well–they still rock and the new hair is still pretty cool.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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