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Saying ’tah-tah’ to Desmond Tutu

Not sure why my mind flashed to Bhi Bhiman singing about the circa 1990 assasination of Bobby Saele but here goes:     I’m not sure we’re all these items for together But I guess when you die it’s better … Continue reading

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Warhol soup VS Thiebaud pie

After Scott Shields in Wall Street Journal Emily Borrow

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There’s an article in New Yorker about Wayne Thiebaud and Lady M cakes, expensive and him playing tennis at 93, that’s all I got time for

Marty Ivener the founder of Marty’s Restaurant in San Jose and Annette Ivener’s ex-husband — Annette Sunshine? — not bad for AARP-age speaking of delicacies and sweets — said that at his house they eat desert first. This makes me … Continue reading

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