Saying ’tah-tah’ to Desmond Tutu

By Chang W. Lee

im in a hotel and i literally said oh shit:

Not sure why my mind flashed to Bhi Bhiman singing about the circa 1990 assasination of Bobby Saele but here goes:


C8 brings news of biopics on Kevin Durant and Colin Kaepernick


I’m not sure we’re all these items for together But I guess when you die it’s better that people think about you why they’re chewing on in my case bacon, yogurt with granola, coffee with cream, then not even if they don’t necessarily know exactly what you did or why


im likely The only person to look at this image of a gymnast and think of Emmett till:

two versions; My son represents what Professor McGrath would call Reportajes; And I don’t know why it wants to put the fourth and fifth photo above the first photo this make it even more I’m incomprehensible my tribute to archbishop of South Africa; When I was a Dartmouth in the 1980s and in the student press we covered apart tide in divestment or should the trustees 16 businessman and one businesswoman ann Fritz Hackett Sell perfectly good stock merely for a social screen that those businesses were doing business in South Africa to go apartheid regime counter Siri was called constructive engagement that Chevron in South Africa would be teaching the white supremacists how to treat Blacks better than we did — Meta thought, I am dictating here but stopped to capitalize the be in the word that the notes are racial protected class. I Dartmouth in the 80s it was mostly gays and international students that talked about divestment it was not until they shantytowns agitprop art installation was attacked on Martin Luther King day or the night before that the Black student body took a hand; I admit I was slightly tired of the shantytown and even ran an agate add suggesting it was over. And then I remember hearing Peter Gabriel token Coliseum about six months after graduating singing Biko when I realized I had under estimated the significance of the cause. My fellow gun in Hanover school made Kim Porteous moved to South Africa in 1988 and he’s been there more than 30 years working for a Nelson Mandela foundation happy new year Kim and family. It says word count 380 and I promised my friends I would shoot for 500.


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