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Humans and renters out, concrete in

Use serial comma, use serial comma, and use serial comma. Anonymous

1) I heard back from Brett Hall Jones, daughter of Oakley Hall and partner of Louis B. Jones. I thought it funny that he wrote books about money, and physics then the Times yesterday noted that someone left a box of $180,000 in cash at City College, for the physics department. I am sort of morphing the LBJ book with the one by a Dartmouth guy, about findind real money in a plane crash, simple plan. Of Dartmouth mice and men, catcher in the awry.

2) sent some sort of companion piece to Robert Christgau, age 79; and copied Aaron Kim, age 19^.
3) David Middlebrook sent us a X-mas card. We nixed his giant hummingbird.

4) I made a joke about drug use, and got the word “MSM’ which people took or take for muscular or joint pain, but it stinks. EDM, MSM, MSNBC – t00 many acronyms.
5) Aaron Kim has a cool mural behind Ace Hardware or Hasset Hardware or Palo Alto Hardware. Clarence sold us a new grill, although his wife, who is Hungarian and not Ghanaian or Jamaican said if it were here prime rib she’d try an oven not a bbq.
6) Robert Christgau was writing about hummingbirds, but I made a joke about our fellow Dartmouthian, Jeff Crowe caw caw caw;
7) I watched Russell Wilson and Anna Wilson back to back and learned that their uncle Benjamin F. Wilson ’73 was recently a trustee of the College. As is Dr. Odette A. Harris who kindly answered my queries to her. I counted that I am older than 8 or the 20 Dartmouth trustees. A quick math job shows that I have been in the bond now for 40 of my 57 years, having been ED admit since December, 1981.
8) I just texted “greenwash mother fuckers” to something that texted me first: “Team 350” — a picture of the earth, with a red bow, the number “350”, Support 35 Today, Give a Gift to Our Planet. i think the planet was greener in 1994 when I left corporate America – I was writing ads for Chevron during the Gulf War — and started Earthwise. Dr. Cindy Russell suggested it in that i was reading Jerry Mander “in the absense of the sacred” which she noted. Longer story. To be continued.
9) I noted Bradley Concrete pouring into the bowels of the former Hotel President Apartments. I read that Palo Alto already has more poured concrete than biomass — sum of humans, worms, plants and trees. And squirrels.
10) I’m in the old new Varsity. Sad in here. Even with Rolling Stones “Start Me Up” piped in. Making dead men come. Take that, Chopped Keenan. They are having a lecture by David Patterson a computer honcho in February. How exciting. Chop said this new project would “rock”. I tried to put my Tom Harrell show here in October, 2019 but was told they don’t do live music, not even jazz. Now the system is pleading Credence, guitars at their feet, down on the corner, now ironic.
11) they have a montage of other random speakers here including Evander Kane the Black shark. isn’t he in some sort of trouble? Or is the the institutional racism creeping into my own bias?

F*** Paul McCartney: AARON KIM HAS WINGS!

12) Sharks now have Brian Bonino from Hartford, CT and Boston Terriers university. I saw his hat trick in Nashville during IEBA.
13) Bonino is number thirteen. # also, and this is so plasty, I had a little clip from the paper yesterday about a recently deceased nfl player – #13 in 1969 Topps set – – Harry Jacobs of AFL champs the Bills, and when I was looking for more info I found this great photographer of the same name who shot in the islands.

by harry jacobs

14) Spanish word here is “cat horse” Not to be confused with Lions with Wings.
15) I suggested to Dayna Stephens that he and Ethan Iverson do a piano and bass project. In fact, I will sign off here and try to pester, like a mosquito the spanish word for small fly, by phone.
16) house system here playing rocket man by elton john. [later: paul mcCartney wings somebody knocking on the door…]
17) quick medley of things I was reading yesterday or the day before: San Jose golf course; San Francisco Mime Troupe radio play on dickens; Reddit IPO; ten billion dollars; i literally said that out loud to annoy the people next to me oh no no no. Ten billion dollars; La Comida ad; Ken Kragen music exec from Bay Area; Biden Ukraine McCaul sic; et cetera. Hello, Dayna?


^When my 30 yo nephew was 4 he noted something hovering near the feeder and announced it as a “word-picker”. He was born 8-8-88 which they, before the divorce thought an auspice. He’s a dj, EDM which i hope is not a euphemism for MSDM or whatever. My freshman roommate Teddy Conway of the New Orleans Conways(and Pennsylvania Scotts)got cited for driving on the Bema perhaps looking for AD or Richardson on X, whereas i spent three nights in Dicks House on haldol. Oh (sound of tiny wings at high speed), david Middlebrook sold us briefly a stone and steel hummingbird the scale of TRex. He was a champion high jumper besides his girth, David not his subject. Actually Palo alto had a 7.00 man — one of only 8 in the U.S. Aaron Kim now at UCLA also did a poster recently for my nina simone (Jerry Jemmott) tribute and also has a mural very banksy on the back of the hardware store, our one and only: we have 10 types of coffee and three gelatos and likely a half a billion in venture capital each year — im parked in the shadow of Jeff Crowe ‘78 or his office. Norwest capital. Of the Massachusetts crowes. Caw caw caw 

Sent from my iPhone
# I’m forgetting how this post morphed from something about poured concrete and the varsity and hotel president to paly athletics but I learn that Harold Hwang is the boss man of a lab at Stanford applied physics and is from Princeton and MIT before here, and his daughter is a soccer player and runs track and may be at Stanford this fall whereas the oldest daughter is at Wellesley, where my cousin went. And she shot a photo of some random young musicians. And the C Magazine at Paly had a story on the Aaron Kim Vargas mural. Also, when I awoke this morning about five hours ago I was thinking about the neighbor who shall remain nameless and his mother said he was interested in CRISPR-CAS9 and I recalled that I have two Gunn classmates, Porteus and Witte who have labs, one wet one dry. I almost wrote Dray. Which is like Cray.
Something in the way he she they Cray Dray move. To wit:
Aaron Kim and Leonardo Vargas –we want more more more 

Hailey Hwang daughter of Hwang labs boss man — I almost think the best part of this shot is the three girls watching, their respective expressions

This is a music blog foremost

a group of wild monkeys from Ethiopia called geladas not to be confused with the ice cream make gutteral babbling noises that sound like plastic alto read aloud; im a flea bit peanut monkey all my friends are Junkers; I have a neighbor named Patrick with “1636” on his BMW but when I asked what it meant he said “come on, man” and retreated into his garden, like Thoreau. It’s the year Harvard was fondled, no lie.

Hey I wonder if George Tabb and Furious George – the name is a pun on “Curious George” ever covered the Stone’s “Monkey Man”? I met George Tabb thru my then-girlfriend Joan Tabb  — ok, we did the nasty once after namaste yoga — there are minors reading this. I did not say that Louis B. Jones donated $180,000 to City College New York, very CUNY puny punny. Funny ha ha.


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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