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Don’t You Feel My Leg: The Naughty Bawdy Blues of Blue Lu Barker [Last, 2018]
Now 75, Muldaur became a dynamo in her fifties, an album a year between 1998 and 2011. Always a nuanced singer, she got subtler, sassier, and smarter; her pipes remained supple and the burr in her voice never went to seed. But her best albums were sharpened by a concept, particularly the wide-ranging Memphis Minnie tribute Richland Woman Blues and the mind-blowing .Heart of Mine: The Love Songs of Bob Dylan and its climactic “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere,” which gets busier in that easy chair than was dreamt of in the Byrds’ philosophy. This album flips the script by breaking out an obscure songbook rather than reimagining a famous one. Muldaur has been performing Blue Lu and Danny Barker’s lubricious title song since it spiced up her solo debut in 1973, and in 2007 she assembled a whole album called Naughty, Bawdy & Blue.

bobHere she lightens her timbre in tribute to her friend Lu on top of a hyperactive New Orleans band, and she’s never sounded sexier or more committed. “Georgia Grind” jumps out at “Mama mama look at sis,” after which “Loan Me Your Husband” follows hard upon “Leave My Man Alone.” But it signifies that naughty and bawdy ain’t all. “Now You’re Down in the Alley” and “Here’s a Little Girl from Jacksonville” could double as 50s dance novelties, “Nix on Those Lush Heads” means what it says, and if “Trombone Man Blues” evokes Dinah Washington at her filthiest, “A Little Bird” ends happily ever after. After all, Blue Lu and Danny were wed for 67 years. A


It made his top 25 list of 2018. Robert Christgau, Village Voice, Playboy, Dartmouth guy.

Maria Muldaur appears December 20, at Earthwise welcomes Elvin Bishop, Mitchell Park Community Center El Palo Alto room, as guest of Mitch Woods.

Maria also performed in Earthwise and Hear Music presents at Mitchell Park outdoors, circa 1998.


Maria, “Feel My Leg” vs Plastic Alto long tail

So my blog is obscure yet 285 views this week, 6 days.  One hundred fifty visitors. In the last week (Apple orange warning!) 51 archived pages, out of 2,000 plus, were seen once, another 17 seen twice, thrice up to five times; fifty three saw my article I ciruclated about todays circulated thanks Matt and Sylvie show and 159 saw the archives or home page. That’s the long tail. So if you post something, someone will some day see it. And then randomly 3 years later.


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  1. Thanks for the article! I have always liked Maria Muldaur. She made an album called “Maria Muldaur sings Shirley Temple(!!), which we listened to daily for years when my kids were little. It’s a great album for kids and families. And no, it does not include the title, “Feel My Leg.“


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