Crate-digger: from Creamer and Layton ‘Whoa Tillie’ to Eddy Mitchell ‘Baseball (Anna)’ in five easy paces

EC06E44C-1732-4C73-8B74-910191FD8B2C.jpegYesterday while in my walk-training I stopped at an estate sale and bought five not necessarily play-able 78 shellacs From a guy name Chris Easton On Marion Street very near where the Ohlone had burial mounds until the 1960s —  I’m saying maybe the Eastons were living on sacred grounds. Higher ground, even

The one I was going to suss out this a.m is called “Whoa Tillie”.

I found on video Bessie Smith’s version and two or three more.

The authors listed on the sticker are Creamer and Layton.

Turner Layton by some sources wrote or co-wrote  “as time goes by.”  Which most people know from Casablanca dooley Wilson.

Someone named Eddy Mitchell Translated that to French and likely recorded it.

One of the first cites  for Eddy  is Sunnyside Records which makes sense.  Hopefully dollars and cents. Francois Zalacain The founder of Sunnyside if memory serves I saw him speak at a jazz conference made his nut by buying the international broadcast rights to the Super Bowl. That is football not baseball,  if you are keeping score at home.

Keska say, “stay tuned” in French?

b/w Who is the greatest French  baseball player? Ron Guidry But that’s Cajun.  I want to say something from the golden age glory of their times T205.   Lou Boudreau although I think he’s Jewish.

Of Course there’s our manager Bruce Bochy who was born in France. Which reminds me that I recently met Scott stress on day (Strazzante) of the Chronicle who was born a couple miles and a couple weeks from me in shy town. He’s working on a multi-hour photo essay on Bochy.

Also just yesterday I met a guy named Jefferson Bradshaw who played baseball for Gunn and then some junior college and his brother is the musician John Henry and his father was in the bluegrass combo at the farmers market and he has six brothers and I was trying to generate a list of the top 10 baseball players in Gunn history: mike rusk, Tony Mouton, The Coans, John Chovanec, John Taylor, Guy Klucznik, Richard Scott. Jefferson Bradshaw. a Rea. Rick Piazza.  Anybody?

(PS I know if I open it to all city You get Jim Harbaugh, Joc Pederson, BJ Boyd, Marc Geiger, Art Kuehn. John Ehrlich. )

and1:  I posted on Yahoo this morning that Jeremy Lin should turn to antianxiety medication for his blues regarding NBA free agency, speaking of Whoa Tillie. Also: “whoas: Tillie vs Nellie”.


Marc Geiger former Paly baseball star, head of music at William Morris — he’s likely too busy to read or answer my emails, let alone sell me a band — I did buy a Frank Black show but not the pixies, from Steve not Marc, and saw them at Shoreline.


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