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edit to add: I was reading deeper into the New York Times expose about Facebook hiring opposition research to bad mouth other tech firms, to deflect attention to their flubs regarding true fact of Russians hacking our elections and internet, of which Sheryl Sandberg is looking like the worst offender, I was checking on Colin Stretch, of St. Ignatious and Dartmouth fame, who resigned as counsel after about eight years there, presumably more out of principle than guilt or being canned. Interestingly –and I may be wrong — it seems that somehow his Wikipedia page has been deleted. His predecessor has a page but he does not. Just a few weeks ago, I was writing about the three Stretch brothers and saw, I thought on wiki, that he was no longer of counsel. Maybe he is just that low flying; I don’t got no wiki neither.

another weird point about the article: it claims that when protesters greeted Facebook honchos with “Octopus” agit prop, Facebook’s hired spinsters claims disingenously that it was an anti-semitic slur — that “Octopus” and tentacles is a Jewish meme. I.e. to get ADL to go in on their side in the fight, or distract from the actual issues. I, for one, who is sensitive to such, had not thought of tentacles as a slur. (see also, Jello Biafra Greg Werkman “Alternative Tentacles” record label). In a related matter, I asked Rabbi Janet Marder if she thought The Palo Alto Weekly in 2014 calling me “The Agitator” was an anti-semitic dog whistle and she said she didn’t think so. The protestors claim that the reference is anti-monopoly such as Standard Oil early 20th century.

To reiterate:

  1. Brian Stretch, Dartmouth ’86, quarterback, baseball pitcher, US attorney, now private practice after 30 years of working for We The People;
  2. Tim Stretch, Dartmouth ’88, receiver, flying jet planes over Iraq and commnader of something or other in Europe;
  3. Colin Stretch came out of SI slightly ranked higher than his brothers — all-Bay Area according to the SF Examiner, defensive back, Harvard Law, clerked for Breyer, prosecutor then recruited to help enslave us all under the tentacles; resigns on principle when true nature of evil is revealed. somehow I am wanting to outro with not just enter sandman metallica but melvins alternative tentacles and then the blink 182 song about being probed by aliens. stay tuned, literally.

andand: soundtrack, or stills hinting at such:

  1. enter sandman is a classic metallic piece, one of their most tuneful, methinks — here it has 100M views — and I also recall it was covered in SF by swing band New Morty Show, and the pun is the basis of this post:

    I guess that’s the sandman and not zuckerberg the sugar man or candy man

    2. Jello Biafra with The Melvins is a recent find or fund or fount of mine, on my superhandheld box; Sieg Howdy. But Melvins are really four or five other labels, not Alternative Tentacles. So here is early I guess Jello doing Holiday in Cambodia which has a pretty cool video. Which reminds me that DVAN has an amazing event tonite in SF featuring two not one two MacFound Genius fellows appearing together, both part of the Vietnamese fall of Hanoi diaspora. I wonder if Jello Biafra has or would ever appear with a DVAN panel. The last DVAN event I saw was a screening of an obscure film about a notebook found in battle, not to be confused with a larger more industry film with similar theme. Let’s just say I think Isabelle Nguyen Pilaud of SF State might prove to be more All America than Sheryl S. deadk.png3. Blink 182 played my room for $750 and then went on to sell 30 million records (and maybe half a billion gross). They are currently in Vegas with a residency. Sounds fun. Here they are in Australia a whiles back — that reminds me I just met a Kiwi named Tristan a gourmet cook here in 650 — playing their song about Aliens probing their singer with a tentacle or something. And this is the darndest DVAN promo, I’m half tempted to forward to them.


    Its not fun being an illegal and tentacled Judeo-Christina liberal in crypto-fascist social network

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