Blandino poppies remix


Alex Blandino the Palo Altan and former Stanford baseball star, was also a photojournalist in training and we traded shots, at the Farmer’s Market, in 2015


this is lifted from a private correspondence, with Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Stanford historian and bike sherpa Bo Crane — if by private we mean that the press won’t print it out of context.

wait a minute — you saw me speak about The Graduate, last night? (When I said “Elaine” I meant to say “lame” dyac)
Artist MOHAMMED SLIM SOUMAH, a native of the West African nation of Guinea. Soumah’s work was chosen from a selection of proposals from eight local artists.
today is Mohammad Soumah from Liberia I think who did the “poppies” mural at Country Sun on Cali Ave, for the Palo alto art commission I think in 2006 or so. I think that if the Post is requiring people to submit by email (ie they rejected my handwritten hand-delivered answer “Addison Garage, HP Garage” a few weeks ago, apparently for that reason — did not follow directions — then they should at least require people to get the name right. 
A nice lady from there, Melanie I think De La Cruz (perhaps) explained all this. Before I would deal with Alo Mano.
I was going to write about this today in my blog but instead wrote about “oceans 8″the movie and soccer. (I was going to do “Mohammed Soumeh w. Mohammed Salah” but instead I have Mindy Kaling and Max Hollein — long digression).
I mis-attributed to Kathy Aoki a mural by someone else, at Art Center once.
Last week I took a selfie at Patrick Daugherty installation at Art Center and then heard someone gagging on smoke and realized a guy and his bike were either toking up or hitting a crack pipe, hidden in the tree.
I married an Art Commissioner –and we met at Bruce Beasley’s studio — so this stuff matters to me.
Also, just yesterday, I ran into the former commissioner now paid staff elise DeMarzo and she intorduced me to Peter Wegner I sort of recognized name and thought to ask “are you…a public…artist?” and in fact he is the man behind the installation at Stanford GSB the mechaincal array of thousands of colorful cards that create patterns and an effect. (I think he has a second piece using words, on same site). Apparently he will get a perecent for art grant to do art for new or planned public safety building in PA.
Myself I stil think that the corner of page Mill and El Camino which is zoned “public facility” should be a prison for low security white collar criminals, and or current members of city council, and or public safety (cops and fire) and or teachers and or nurses, union nurses, like CRONA, and maybe one token artist (but not the guy in the Daughtery I mention above.
Appropriately, on Sunday at our street music festival I did test drive a bike that creates power for a musician or his amp. It was part of Cello Joe’s show, Joey Chang, and invented by a guy in Berkeley named Paul Freedman whose father Dan Freedman is or was an MIT and SLAC scientist who invented “super-gravity”.
I’m on a roll. Still going nowhere. But generating power.
thanks again for the custom ride last week. there should be a literary LAH ride. I actually ran into, literally for first time in 15 or so years, Barry Eisler of MP, I mentioned, who created the John Rain spy novel series and staged a murder, like I said, in his first novel, by knocking a guy off his bike at Old Page Mill and breaking his neck, making it look like driver error.
I’m not making this up.
it’s 2004
i’m forwarding this, if you don’t mind.
also,they should not call it “mystery photo” that’s a fairly lazy name. It’s more like Art Eye for the Straight Guy or somethingI tried to pay them, in 2014, to use a shot of me and my former Gunn High Oracle colleague Eric Hager, the manager for many years Palo Alto Sport and Toy next to the Greg Brown’s aunt with Hose mural during the Council campaign — Greg Brown endorsed me, shortly before his death, and his widow Julie affirmed it — Peter Drekmeir insisted I get that cleared — which reminds me that Greg Brown briefly tried to help me help Mohamed Soumeh and his Bagel installation about Izzy’s Bagels on Cali which was condemned but we tried (tepidly, or too much so) to get Liz Kniss to grandfather it as public art rather than condemn it but izzy didn’t want the heat (ironic for a baker). The bagel is in his EPA store, or on it, near it. Liz Kniss, I happened to stand in line next to, she and her hub, Dick, at Palo Alto Square the other night waiting for RBG movie (and next to us was former arts commissioner Larissa Usich) and I told her or them that I had just visited Joey Piziali the artist and former Paly football star and that he said Liz owns several of his works so I told her she indisputably has an eye for art (if greg brown thought to go to her, but didn’t say why — I assumed the Kniss’ own a Brown or something.)
But, yeah, apropos of the bad news about a company in Chicago trying to buy President Apartments and evict 40 Palo Altans inclludng former Mayor Sid Esinosa (who I texted a council member is now “where have you gone, Sid Espinosio?”) and would turn it into a hotel called “The Graduate” I presume because their millenial potential clients do not know the movie, I did say we should mine that movie for ways to mock them and thwart their initiative, and i did lean into the mike, look at our mayor and say, as a public record, ‘are you trying to seduce me, mme?” And my wife was there.
Mo sumah also did the Antonios Mural. Mo Salah meanwhile scored a goal in a 3-1 loss to Russia.
running this again, i.e. I hit replay:

Sabrina of Old Pro expertly brushes bangs from her eyes, just as Mo Salah of Egypt scores a replay goal



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