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Vienna Teng at Bol Park, Palo Alto, 2007

Someone taped this show by Vienna Teng on August 7, 2008 and then uploaded it to Youtube — that is, well before it was acquired by Google — the very next day, where more that 100,000 times it has been … Continue reading

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Coupa Cafe blue room

Coupa Cafe on Ramona has added a blue room to augment its super-crowded red (main) room. I say: some of the best ideas in Silicon Valley start with someone eavesdropping at Coupa Cafe. J.P. Coupal, pictured above, says there are … Continue reading

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Rigo art in San Jose State for Olympic fist protest

Steve Cohen sent me an interesting article about the Australian athlete who stood on the podium with John Carlos and Tommy Smith at the 1968 Olympics. Reminds that a year ago I took these two snapshots: The sculpture is by … Continue reading

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Bird omenology

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Barry Eisler coming to Kepler’s in February, Jerry Rice coming to Kepler’s tonite I’ve met Jerry Rice twice and would say I don’t think he actually wrote this book. I don’t think I’ve met Barry Eisler, but I’ve stopped strangers two or three times to say “Are you Barry Eisler?” I … Continue reading

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Of his 49 projects this year, Matt Merewitz works with at least four that I have strong sense of

Of his 49 projects this year, Matt Merewitz works with at least four that I have strong sense of. The artists, if not these new works. Not yet. One, is Dave Douglas, for “Brazen Heart” a quintet that features Jon … Continue reading

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My first b-2-b emoji, or Michael Fracasso confirmed in Menalto, or Earthwise 20th Anniversary series part three

“By the way, he makes the best pasta around.” – Lucinda Williams, 1996 At 11:21 Laura Thomas of ComboPlate booking of Austin, Texas tex’d me to say that she had spoken with Kathleen Daly of Cafe Zoe in Menlo Park … Continue reading

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