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Foolish Wallace

perhaps it was reading Huck Finn that sent me spelunking as in Hannibal MO into the Earthwise storage catacombs unearthing a press clipping IRA call from years ago about one of my favorite bands to it and it’s actually a … Continue reading

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a bridge to Mars

watching quote artifact unquote the documentary about the rock band directly after watching erase screening a bridge too far quote unquote provoked in me this clever mash-up head especially the scene where the good guys se quote we are holding … Continue reading

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Namigoro Rashomon v. Chuck Wepner

(I’d like to see a fight between Chuck Wepner and Namigoro Rashomon…. Mark Weiss retired concert promoter, budding fight promoter, of middle aged to elder men — Rashomon is 95 what about a fight club focused on former William Morris … Continue reading

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Capital corrupts worker outreach campaign, for Carpenters 22, in P.A.

The international guild of puppeteers should file a protest here, demanding someone qualified operate the grimbo. As ye sew, so ye reap and all that. Part II: Joe 90 w. Joe Hill Truth Drive Seefried & Bouchard

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Steal this post

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