Amazing mural man seeks IPO billions in synesthesia b2b play, in Palo Alto

Sam Whiting of the Chron had a story about a mural in the lobby of a start-up and said that they don’t mind walk-ups, at 555 College, near Cali Ave (or across from the hole in the ground we call JJ & F’s, for you experts).

I met Al Siverstein director of marketing, but no relation to Rich Silverstein my old boss at GBS (“Got Milk?”). He kindly posed for me. They say blogs work better if you are super-specific, like I could quickly get a million readers and enough ad revenue to actually stay here, my home, if I did nothing but review and publicize and subtly pump start-ups as judged by their lobby art and murals (And I did meet David Choe one night at Facebook, above Jing Jings for you experts, and lend him $20, ok I bought a calendar).

I should probably redact this and not digress to too many things like Woody Guthrie lyric I’m going where the water tastes like wine, or comparing somehow Jerry Garcia or really Mountain Girl and the nice lady being arguably not treated too nicely at a big VC firm. But that Paul Thorn song intro speculating about how monogamy actually works and

that takes the cake or the Tokyo style hot dog, I am jonesing for just this minute. Dig?

Eliot Smukler's wife made this. Or makes jake on this.

Eliot Smukler’s wife made this. Or makes jake on this.


(a previous version of this was called “Michael Lewis Flashboys w. David Gurle Symphony but that sucked. An amazing version of this got lost by weak PA library wireless snafu)

This is a music blog mere than tech but since here I am walking distance from literally billions of dollars of hedge funds and ventures, here on Uni Ave, 400 block of Ramona, where Jerry Garcia in a pleistcene era gave banjo lessons, -, so I had to notice Sam Whiting writing not about retail but not-public art at a start-up called Symphony at 555 College, which sounds like either a former laundromat or Klutz Press — and a few blocks from here, a lie or two from there, there is a 7-11 that wanted to expand into a defunct or failing laundramat and instead a group of female entrepreneurs, presumably not funded by Ellen Pao, move in instead.

The mural thingy is by Ok Go? Can that be right? Jump to:
shit, I mean snap, I have Sunday March 8, two days ago, Datebook in the Chron, E1/E2/E7/E8 but no E3.

I have to move my car so I am tempted to roll by 555 College to see if indeed, as Whiting claims, “is open to drop ins”. Unless they see this first.

to complete the circle, Michael Lewis book about high frequency and high speed trading, Symphony is doing for financial services what Hook Up does for booty call?

its in a mortuary not a laundromat, thank god! But my yoga space on Cowper is now Wealthfront, with am impressive installation of shiny penny, and wife of founder Elliot Schmukler Jacquetta Lannan is meanwhile putting a pretty penny into her hot dog stand, on Cali Ave. So presumably the Symphony crew can eat Jacquetta’s weiners. I recommend the tokyo:

edit to add: clearly even a luddite like me if he links to the story can jump to E3 simple enough electronic-like; the artist is Brent Hermann, 27 , although this appears to be his first credit. i will probably redact to eliminate reference to adult sexual acts and a current case involving possible sexual harassment at Kleiner Perkins. I will double-check “schmukler” My research for this story did involve eating “Tokyo”.

and1: since the company is Symphony and the artist Hermann, I have to add that I was digging if not dogging “Psycho” and “The Birds” at Stanford Theatre both featuring music of Bernard Herrmann(sic).

plays simultaneous-like with

edit to add: this is a hot mess. But I did get to meet, as promised in the Chron, the Symphony Company director of marketing Al Siverstein (no relation of Rich) briefly and shot a few from the lobby of the start-up which targets the finance realm b-to-b as far as I need to know. They were real nice, and gave me a free soda. I suggested “Tim’s Vermeer” and WealthFront, for different reasons.

And why wouldn't I wish them well?

And why wouldn’t I wish them well?

edit to add a mere four months later: The Wall Street Journal reports that thanks to the propitious plug from Plastic Alto, Al Silverstein and his art loving and music loving buds over there at the former Tinney mortuary (nice touch!) are indeed now billionaire singular.

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