Dartmouth codex for English Studies, 12/84 thru S86

Eoanthrophus will triumph finally over Homo sapiens
Mencken, 1926
Weiss, 1984 & 2014

According to a notebook I dug out of storage yesterday which would be also known as November 10, 2014, these are the classes I took towards fulfillment of my English major at Dartmouth:
English 5
English 9
English 23
English 52
English 40
English 42
English 41
English 15
English 54
English 66
English 75
English 18

I think the first six are more accurate than the second six. Partly this was a long of my record, and partly advance planning.

English 5: Professor Loomis, introductory, about half the freshman took this; if you got below 550 on SAT you took English 3 Remedial; we read “Paradise Lost”; in Animal House Don Sutherland teaches this and writes SAT and AN. Then bites an apple.

English 9 – must be Freshman seminar, with David Shapiro, on Marlowe. Mary Morgan (Finegan) I ran into in the lobby of freshman office and her comment about Marlowe convinced me to switch from my intended — about Untouchables of India, which I now think of as dalit – to this. I did exceptionally well; my professor presented one of my ideas at a conference. I don’t think I kept to that standard as I continued reading, sadly.

English 23 Sophomore fall no clue.

English 52 sophomore spring no clue.

Summer of 1984, sophomore summer, my sixth quarter and fifth and sixth courses I took interweaved American poetry and American prose, with Horace Porter, James Melville Cox and drama. Eng 40 and Engl 42

Junior Fall, 84F, it says English 41.

Junior winter I worked on the Dartmouth full-time, as Literary Director. Our Editor in Chief, Karen Jay Garnett took a leave term to work on Governor Clinton’s staff so I did most of the reporter training and assignment, very nearly like Editor and Chief yet not. I remember assigning Rob Fields ’85 to go out to Cornish and interview Louise Erdrich, unless that was the previous summer.

English 66
English 75
one of these might be Chauncey Loomis, senior fall seminar on Faulkner, I did quite poorly. The other might be Tom Sleigh on poetry reading, I did so-so.

I think English 18 was one of those quasi-mandatory course on the history of the language per se. the teacher, a female, rara avis that, made a little joke about lexicon and semantics: the lexicons sat near the back, the semantics up front.

Other teachers not quite matching to my grid: Donald Pease, Lou Renza. Saccio — Shakespeare. I don’t think I took Noel Perrin but was riffing on something he wrote “Giving up the Gun” not sure what my parody — this is just last week — was to be. Obscure reference either way.

Barbara Dimmick was not my teacher but I briefly befriended on a campus visit and escorted her, courtesy of Athletic Director Josie Harper to a hockey game in which #10 Dartmouth upset #1 Boston College, 4-3 as we gabbed about books. Something about horses, and wood-working.

I spoke to Eugene F. “Buddy” Teevans this morning and got quite a kick out of it. Five pound weight in the jock, inside joke inside joke. I said the shibboleth greeting from our generation — his ’77 to my ’86 and he had a sister Moira I studied with, ’87 — and he said “Love it!” but did not repeat the offending chant.

When I met the author, investigative reporter and former San Jose Mercury police reporter Ann Hagedorn yesterday at Coupa Cafe on Ramona she asked me why I was toting a pocket version of H.L. Mencken “Prejudices” the one with the Paul Rand cover and I showed her some markings from that era. Oh that I had time to actually re-read all this; David Shields said that the act of remembering is a type of composition and as such, a fiction.

I ran into the developer John McNellis at Peets then walked him back to his office and thereby was afraid to drink my coffee for fear that someone had tampered with it, talk about paranoid. Well Andy Grove said you have to be a little paranoid to survive here.

1. I miss-spelled Dimmick earlier but so did ABE books. Her book gave birth to the horsey theme here.
2. Ann Hagadorn signed my copy of “the Invisible Soliders”: To Mark, The or True cafe genius! Great to meet you! Ann Hagedorn 11/10/14; I also bought her 1919 book;
3. Titi Rosenbloom wife of my neighbor the commissioner and MIT Harvard double Eric Rosenbloom in walk in to Oren’s at 11:11 on 11/11. Daughter in tow. Veteran’s Day school holiday perhaps. I said “hag sameah” or “hag sameach” and she replied, tho jewish or jewess “Happy Veterans Day”. But not for Buddy.
4. about 100 words ago, around 650 to the current 750, i thought about not writing more but adding more links as a composition. I thought about sending the link to the wordpress blog Plastic Alto to both Hagedorn and Dimmick. adding links is a type of composing.
5. This is out of bounds slightly but somewhere in my archives I have a file on rock band Third Eye Blind or 3EB and when they played the Cub in Feb 1995 they left behind in the green room a set list that include “semi-charmed” but what makes it nearly relevant is that the verso had an ink drawing of a horse. By Steven? By Kevin? By Ariel? I wonder.
6. Yesterday at Coupa before I met Ann I was chatting with an Argentinian who said he is a Columbia ’90 or so and has an uncle who is a 10-rated Polo player. In Polo, or so I recently caught whiff of, most players are ranked between minus-2 and 0 and world class players can go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and sometimes 10.
7. For the record, if that’s what you call this, I am eating a chicken schnitzel at Oren’s and using their wireless, pass word abuhassan or I am using the wireless and eating schnitzel.
8. Beyond the two Hagadorn, I also from FOL bought for $2 The Irony Tower by Andrew Solomon about Soviet artists in time of glasnost as compared to McPhee from a decade or so earlier. I left two stacks of other titles I wanted but had to show even the smallest amount of discipline. I took photos. I also bought the Robin Kelley book on Monk which I had only sussed online because it mentions Danny Scher, excuse to ring him.
9. Not sure I can finish both schnitzel-pieces but don’t want to schlep it around all day either. Hard to people-watch over the cheaters; digging the soundtrack, jazzy lounge or loungy jazz;
10. should I mention here Curtis McMurtry may do a show in Palo Alto via Earthwise 11/21/14 maybe at Stern Ballroom Palo Alto. A Texan at least, if that connotes horses. Murray Bowden. Gordie Quist.
11. Not sure where this fits, here or above, but of course in the Shakespeare class with Saccio and TK, we would have glossed the famous “My kingdom of a horse”, a history. Richard?
12. Not sure if Greg Brown drew horses — Lockhart drew fowls — as did, famously Oliveira — but he had a lot of critters; this fits here only with the Weissian scrawl

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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