Ann Hagedorn elevator pitch plug review and or preview

Ann Hagadorn, shown here at Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto, in red, she and the room, has written an important book about privatization of the military in U.S.

Ann Hagadorn, shown here at Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto, in red, she and the room, has written an important book about privatization of the military in U.S.

1. the first part; Or, The Pledge
THE director of the Secret Service has resigned after, among other problems, the revelation that, in a visit to Atlanta on Sept. 16, President Obama rode in an elevator with a private security contractor who was carrying a gun and had an arrest record. The episode raises a crucial question: How thoroughly does the government vet the private security contractors that an increasing number of agencies employ?

That is Ann Hagedorn’s lead in a recent NYT op-ed.

She has a book out about the topic, outsourcing or privatizing our military.

She was once a police reporter for the San Jose Mercury, when it was Knight Ridder and respectable, and covered the East Bay. (She says, in an exclusive Plastic Alto interview conducted today at Coupa that she recalls Randy the Japanese cop reporter for PTT when I was an intern there, in 1984, Higara? Higashi? Anyhoo, he said he hated journalism and I should try to do something else, over beer).

She is speaking tonight in ten minutes for an hour at Books Inc.

This could change your life, our country, nothing else ever does.

2. the second part; Or, The Turn

When I met the author, investigative reporter and former San Jose Mercury police reporter Ann Hagedorn yesterday at Coupa Cafe on Ramona she asked me why I was toting a pocket version of H.L. Mencken “Prejudices” the one with the Paul Rand cover and I showed her some markings from that era. Oh that I had time to actually re-read all this; David Shields said that the act of remembering is a type of composition and as such, a fiction.

I ran into the developer John McNellis at Peets then walked him back to his office and thereby was afraid to drink my coffee for fear that someone had tampered with it, talk about paranoid. Well Andy Grove said you have to be a little paranoid to survive here.

1. I miss-spelled Dimmick earlier but so did ABE books. Her book gave birth to the horsey theme here.
2. Ann Hagadorn signed my copy of “the Invisible Soliders”: To Mark, The or True cafe genius! Great to meet you! Ann Hagedorn 11/10/14; I also bought her 1919 book;
3. Titi Rosenblum wife of my neighbor the commissioner and MIT Harvard double Eric Rosenblum in walk in to Oren’s at 11:11 on 11/11. Daughter in tow. Veteran’s Day school holiday perhaps. I said “hag sameah” or “hag sameach” and she replied, tho jewish or jewess “Happy Veterans Day”. But not for Buddy.
4. about 100 words ago, around 650 to the current 750, i thought about not writing more but adding more links as a composition. I thought about sending the link to the wordpress blog Plastic Alto to both Hagedorn and Dimmick. adding links is a type of composing.
5. This is out of bounds slightly but somewhere in my archives I have a file on rock band Third Eye Blind or 3EB and when they played the Cub in Feb 1995 they left behind in the green room a set list that include “semi-charmed” but what makes it nearly relevant is that the verso had an ink drawing of a horse. By Steven? By Kevin? By Ariel? I wonder.
6. Yesterday at Coupa before I met Ann I was chatting with an Argentinian who said he is a Columbia ’90 or so and has an uncle who is a 10-rated Polo player. In Polo, or so I recently caught whiff of, most players are ranked between minus-2 and 0 and world class players can go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and sometimes 10.
7. For the record, if that’s what you call this, I am eating a chicken schnitzel at Oren’s and using their wireless, pass word abuhassan or I am using the wireless and eating schnitzel.
8. Beyond the two Hagadorn, I also from FOL bought for $2 The Irony Tower by Andrew Solomon about Soviet artists in time of glasnost as compared to McPhee from a decade or so earlier. I left two stacks of other titles I wanted but had to show even the smallest amount of discipline. I took photos. I also bought the Robin D.G. Kelley book on Monk which I had only sussed online because it mentions Danny Scher, excuse to ring him.

3. the third part, or The Prestige

Voila; Or, Here I am Read Me; Ann, 2014:08

Voila; Or, Here I am Read Me; Ann, 2014:08

Reminds that Ann Hagedorn — and by the way I read four whole pages today of her “Savage Years” about 1919 with Woodrow Wilson on the cover the part about Einstein and Eddelman I think the Brit looking at the Solar Eclipse — says that in writing books the chapter titles become key; I took a picture of her digits the old school kind pointing at her title page in the Iraq contractors book. Worst or most subtle preview here, third attempt.
(see also: Jessica Hagedorn the Asian culture critic “Charlie Chan is Dead” and Fred Hargadon the former dean of admissions at Stanford; see also Dao Strom versus Elizabeth Strout is it? Shelfmates for life).

4. the fourth part or tail coda
There is a subtle horse theme trotting across these 888 words, in Ann Hagedorn works pages and projected subset or pseudo reality. Worked for me. Works. Collected. Or scattered. For kicks. Why I cry?
Tail tolled by an idot signifying not thing. Oxbow, Oxford, Ox tail.

Is it a little ironic if you hire a sub-contractor to re-read your collected works and propose a new package?

As a final warning, as Tony Perry of the Los Angeles Times in his review recently in August notes, Hagedorn delves into the evolving relationship between the private firms and the drones that are a favorite way of waging war for the U.S. administration. “Once again,” she/he writes, “the private military and security contractors were entering and locking into markets faster than safeguards and oversight could be established.” Or as Eugene says: I’m not the only crook in the crowd, or I said. Tricky.

Bruce Lee say if you concentrate on finger you miss heavenly glory; Ann say in a book format chapter heads are key, tricks of the dig it all age

Bruce Lee say if you concentrate on finger you miss heavenly glory; Ann say in a book format chapter heads are key, tricks of the dig it all age

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