Wesley’s new bag

Wesley Stace, pka John Wesley Harding, read and sang and played guitar at Public Works in SF as part of Noise Pop recently, and I caught him there, and spoke to him briefly. I also shot my typically underachieving cellphonephoto portraits of him on stage (below).

John Wesley Harding and or Wesley Stace at Noise Pop 2011

Here, above, Eugene Mirman, the comedian, who does a voice for “Bob’s Burgers” (but alas, not for my hypothetical collaboration with Jen Dziura, a spoof on Zimbardo, using hamburgers as the maguffin) talks with Wes about his new novel, “Charles Jessold C0nsidered as A Murderer”.

And speaking of jingle-jangling my synapses this morning, I need to tell you dear readers that I also caught Princeton Professor Sean Wilentz at Stanford last week, talking about political post-partisanship, U.S. Grant and Andrew Jackson, but I did not have the nerve to corner him to talk about Bob Dylan, Dao Strom, my former client who views the Vietnam Era through her prism as a refugee and immigrant, and now novelist, songwriter and mom, “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson“, Christian Kiefer’s “Of Great and Mortal Men” or Alden Van Buskirk as I had been imagining. As a consolation I met History Professor Jim Campbell at the bike racks and gave him my spiel. He compared the info I gave him to “inside Baseball” I guess meaning arcane but perhaps of use to the obsessive.

Here is a link to Christian Kiefer’s project. (He and two partners wrote 43 songs about the U.S. Presidential succession, then got a bunch of special guests to record the songs with them, and played a few shows, and were brought to my attention apropos of my Stegner Tribute project, by Laura Thomas).


Certainly Wilentz and Stace deserve their own posts, and are perhaps only linked via my proprietary (meaning unique) plastic logic.

St Ace in read mode

Click this button and you too can have your own copy of “Bob Dylan in America” Mr. Wilentz’s 2010 biography of the guy we Jews think of as Robert Zimmerman from shul. (And I did actually meet a guy at my cousin’s wedding who knew him that way).


I think he reminds more of Elvis Costello but here is John Wesley Harding’s perhaps quintessential session, “Confessions of St. Ace”, from 2000, you can buy here (not sure, actually, how to punctuate that title):


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