Nina n me

ninaI said to the rock, please hide me. Lord.

I’ve been listening to Nina Simone, a cd I bought at of all places S_(national chain, coffee, and music, — Don MacKinnon — Plastic Alto don’t play brand name), called “How It Feels to Be Free” 2003 compilation produced by Timothy Jones. I’ve been listening to three tracks especially: track #2, “I Wish I Knew How, It Would Feel To Be Free”;track #7, “I Shall Be Released” –actually a Bob Dylan song and track 14, the final track,
Sinnerman, written by Nina herself, a live recording from 1965 from an album called Pastel Blues, presumable a live album.

And if you are herring my voice live, you are at a soiree in Soth Palo Alto, Barron Park, and you may have been hearing this album, all 14 tracks playing softly as background music, 1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday November 2, 2014, a Mark Weiss for Palo Alto City Council event, two days before the election. If I can produce my own event, at C_’s house, as if it were my day job, an EARthwise Production — I am a concert promoter and artist manager — I would play the music — I brought my own boom box –softly in the ante room, while the Niners-Rams play on mute. We had decided we would screen the Niners but not encourage people to follow that too closely. And just for reference, I will be reading formally, a speech working title “What Would Perry Do?” or maybe since it’s a football Sunday, “What Would Niner Do?” – I’ll stick with Peery — twice, at 1:30 and 3:30, the event is 1 to 4.

In my fantasy world, like Rupert Pupkin perhaps, I start out by singing that one line: And I said to the rock, please hide me. I said to the rock, lord, please hide me. And people sing along, or clap and it is a warm up and prologue.

I’d like to outro with “strawberry fields forever”.

Maya Angelou

On the Pulse of Morning

Bill Clinton

Eric Hanson

New Jersey Performing Arts Center

Newark New Jersey

lady I met in Newark, likes math

Allen Ginsberg

Walt Whitman

Evan Sokol

Steve Lacy

Pat Stoeck, on Chimalus. Agnes and Aldo, Lillian Marcus, Art and Ani Liberman, Eric Rulifson, Marianne Raleigh, Edwin Puris, Blair Wynn, John Chovanec,

Andrew Jacobson, Cameron McIlfresh,Scott Rothstein, paul and ej Hong, the balloon lady Marie Mandoli and “Shay-lah”, Mike and Patti Kriegal, Caroline Camhy — Sam and Michael Rothstein, Julie Williams, Tom Farley, Munchie Farley? Dan Adams and Star Teachout, FELIZ — Zander, Leo and Felix Adams, The Skelley’s, the Israeli tech couple and their dog that rent the former Skelly home, on Whitsell, Terry’s friend the daughter of the famous music teacher and art teacher, the guy who fed the donkey, Winter Deffenback and Gerry Mastaller, Marianne Chowning Dray, Dr. Dray, back in the day Katy Jacobs lived here, Cary Milia, (who I thought was Gary Miller), Gary Kremen, Bern King and Gere King, Robbie And David, what was my mnemonic device for recognizing which King wears jeans versus shorts? — Rune and Lilligul Oslund, Nick and Judy Larsen and his dome but they are big in Japan

I also met Sandy Keck Adams this morning, she is the mother in law of our mayor Peter Drekmeier, who told C_ he would come except for the fact that Dr. Amy Adams, MD/Phd is hosting a party for her Harvard pal — I am blanking the name, something about “Working Stiffs” I in some ways would either quoting Elvis Costello or Pink Floyd would rather be there, wish I was there, not here.

No, thank you all for coming. This could make a difference. As Margaret Mead says: don’t underestimate the ability of a small group of people to change the world. It is the only thing that actually does.

(I mean to write a 1,000 word address, which if I read 200 words per minute would be five minutes?)

Check with Alice chinese at 11 re 12 or 1230 pickup.

8888, sounds good to me. If it does not land on 8888 votes maybe I’ve spoken to 8 thousand people since July.

The average person in this race is spending $25,000 I have spent closer to $500, or Terry did and I reimbursed her. I’m gonna win on a cost-basis.

Somewhere in an earlier version of this, in my head, I was referencing Richard Serra “to fold, to shape” about this and my actions, or how being on the ballot, on a campaign, shaped my actions these 120 or so days. I wrote more than 100 posts since then.

We have the right to work. We may not have the right to see the results of our work. Vedantic philosophy or “chaos theory”.

Redshift of universe, doppler effect, universe is expanding.
Heisenberg uncertainty. we cannot know location and speed, or anything,

Brian Swimme universe is a story not a place.

Sapir worf — our words create the universe.

Lisa Fay Beatty “save me yeah” mudwimin.

parallel universe theory the eels mark E. Mark Everett Oliver.

Paul J Cohen continuum hypothesis, Reimann. (ree – mon)

Bob Marley ob-ob-a-zerving the hypocrites mingling with the fine people we meet, in a government yard, in Kingston, making corned beef stew of which i’d share with you. my feet are my only carriage.

The main point: bottom line at word 865 or worse: (not Michael McFaul reference, not George Packer Unwinding or Nancy Packer endorsed me reference, BLUF bottom line up front) there is a moral vacuum here: we should have resolved Buena Vista as a byproduct of conducting this campaign and election. We the People or our leadership and the fact that I have to make the distinction or break that down is part and parcel of the problem — leadership should reach out grab the hand of the owner, Jisser, and the bank bona fide offer, produced by Winter — though i’ve done no diligence — and made the two sides meet (gestures with hands)

and 1: and this is from July, before I had pulled papers:
Shame on local leadership for silence on Buena Vista
Posted on July 21, 2014 by markweiss86
Posted by Mark Weiss, a resident of Barron Park
0 minutes ago
Kudos to Winter Dellenbach for her compassion and diligence and tenacity here.

Shame on local leadership — Council, commissioners and staff — for not doing more to broker a deal along the lines that Winter indicates. I would think converting the park from a group of disorganized renters to an HOA would entail a significant improvement to the site from a physical standpoint.

I thought it notable and slightly confounding that there was disconnect and dissonance between the referendum at Maybell and the defense of our neighbors at Buena Vista. I would think in both cases the principle is stopping greedy interests acting in their own interests but adverse to everybody else. People I like and respect were For D AND passionate about saving the park, for instance — Nancy Krop comes to mind. And there are plenty of Against D who haven’t said boo about BV.

The deal offered Jisser would be a reasonable profit for him. Why he is entitled to maximize his profit, especially given the externalities?

It is notable that GS reports that Palo Alto Housing Corp would have worked with Prometheus to develop the property but have not apparently figured out a way to help the BV residents organize and defend or buy their homes.

This is another good litmus test for the upcoming Palo Alto City Council candidates.

By the way I think discourse would be improved considerably if more than 5 of the first 55 posters here would do so under their full names.

Lastly, is there someone living at BV who wants to step up and run for Council? We need more residentialist and opposition candidates.

By the way, is it time for a Rent Board or Tenants Union here and not just a pro-landlord “mandatory mediation process”?

edita, 2 p.m. a break from the action: Carter Family, 1920s white people version of this, source material:
Sister Mary, she wears a golden chain There’s every link in Jesus’ name There’s no hiding place down here There’s no hiding place down here Well, i run to the rocks to hide my face And the rocks cried out, “No hiding place!” There’s no hiding place down here I’ll pitch my tent on the old campground I’ll give Old Satan one more round There’s no hiding place down here Oh, the Devil wears a hypocrite shoe And if you don’t watch, he’ll slip it on you There’s no hiding place down here

edit to add, months later: our sister city is Tsuchiura

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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