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I missed Rent Live by 24 hours, 600 minutes

But I’ll get ahead of the curve for “Jagged Little Pull” . Which premiered at American repertory theater in Cambridge Mass. and is headed to Broadway with a $14 million budget. Yes I deliberately miss identify the album I was … Continue reading

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A brief memoir regarding Jonah Mekas, 1922-2019

photo of New York Times, Thursday, January 24, 2019; p. A24; Screen capture or cut-and-paste of copy of note sent to Eden Arielle Gordon in New York, regarding Mekas, “Pull My Daisy” and “New American Cinema”, July 24, 2019 — … Continue reading

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‘Gary Come Home’ performed live at Joe’s Pub by Colman Domingo and Stew v New York Times report of the death of George the Snail

Not to confuse the matter but my wife does enjoy eating escargot And in his song about Florida which I wrote about yesterday Stew admits that edible “gator tail” is “the joint” Which I believe means very good

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Dan Mountain, Dan the Mountain, Dan the Mountain Man, Dan Deacon and Dan Auerbach

Dan Mountain is an advertising writer who won the Howard Gossage Award the year I wanted to be a copywriter; I met him 30 years later and we watched Clay Kershaw pitch; Dan is also a mountain, somewhere pictuaresque. Seeking … Continue reading

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Go, Sandy! Go, Sandy! (Maureen Dowd on the AOC)

This makes me want to send her money more to come +TK Edit to add: but can she do the hora?

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Happy new year or ‘Oy vey’ yo musician and activist Si Kahn

I had repressed the memory but suddenly recall his wonderful workshop how old a Dartmouth spring of my junior year Two thousand seventeen  lifetime achievement award from the folk alliance   . Maybe EarthWise productions can bring him out here. … Continue reading

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Ed Sheeran, 563,132,637; Eden and Shea, 70

  Obviously the original version by the British superstar is better, but the two young people from New York deserve to be heard, too. Hopefully their version — especially IF THEY RE-RECORD IT — will hit 10,000 views before Ed’s … Continue reading

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