Breakfast with Xgau (or his avatar)

a book every politically sentient person should read — robert christgau, dartmouth alumnus on second avenue

ok,I can only read about 1/10th of Xgau book review before concluding I should definitely buy this book, I should definitely read this book and likely I will never read such book. Just a few pages or enough to tell everybody to do as I do — like its the new Octavia Butler or something. Speaking of “molten lava” I bought or the wife and I rather from an artist in his hillside bat cave studio near a very dry reservoir near what used to be Santa Clara Valley before all the groundwater pollution, pavement, relocated football franchises and traffic a 60,000 x scale hummingbeard skull with a beak that is somewhat flexible — looking — trompe lolol and all that — laugh out loud or lap or lick and suck, in a manly Dartmouth mid-1980s way — beak attached by a pin of steel to a piece of basphalt or basalt  – I did take Rocks for Jocks with Reynolds but never got to see him fire his sidearm like the guys in Phi Delt did or claimed’s about 400 lbs and its Frankenstein is a former small college high jump champ in 1966 — your age — from Albion college of Jackson MI not Antioch College of Ohio but he did compete against them and he had a nepwhen with a similar tell tale Germanic hiding as a Brit name — he literally called his granpa a “Nazi” — Middlebrook, David Middlebrook, a retired San Jose State professor of art — nephew rather who is also from Jackson MI — their father worked for Goodyear and David did too, as a teen, in between high jump and other flights of fancy and fuck or fight or go west young man — Middlebrook who pitched for Stanford just about 16 miles away then 8 decisions in the bigs but never saw him play — what that says or doesn’t say and I should not say about those siblings – -though I do say chutzpah nick little Jew scribe that I are or am or arse or worse. Weiss.And in Palo Alto we have, actually and sadly in a building that once housed artists or hosted them like Frank Lobdell and Nathan Oliveira and then a high end faucet store –like the ones in WI — I think Middlebrook says he has a piece in WI and Madison and knew about the niggerhead rock brouhahah excuse the expression  but now has Institiute for The Future and I thought worse than the waste of retail or the lone duchebag cranking away on his box – not unlike me right here right now but I’m in a public plaza, near a place that sells $7 yogurt parfaits and $4 drip coffee — and I also joked to her, covering my embarassment that I had to ask — that I bought a cap from the Stanford golf driving range clubhouse from a retired white guy (wasp) named Fran a hat that is white on white with embossed lettering TREE that is referencing a 3rd generation stanford nickname and trope “fear the tree” the mascot is a tree, our mascot is a tree — palo alto — though apocryphal in that in 1769 — same year as Samsom Occum and two cups of rum or what not — when the Spanish got lost looking for Monterey by land not sea, Portola and 40 men and 40 mules – interestingly and not many know this they taught the men to walk on all fours and the mules to raise on their hind legs – -they called it Missionary position — a lot of the men would have to walk backwards, on all fours, or crawl backwards, crabwise — they got lost and marked a big tree “el palo alto” but telltalingly the tree that undred years later Stanford the rich white guy bought at the corner of his spread, near the crick was a double tree, two trunks so that would have been “Dos Palos” or “Palos Altos” — Stanford claimed his tree — which we still have and we water it with a doo-hickey — or half of it, the second twin, like Aaron Presley not Elvis or whatnot, fell in the crick like 1900 or so– in the era of Swede Oberlander or Harry Hillman training for the Olympics but not golding yet — his 13th Regiment ROTC track club in the Brooklyn armory won half of the US teams medals, he and Lawson Robertson  later of Penn and 1936 Olympics, coaching and dissing Marty from Syracuse the Jew; I am saying that likely the big tree noted by Portola and them was cut down a few years later, like 1770 or 1771 and used to ford the crick, near Middlefield not El Camino (and not, of course, Middlebrook of the lava basalt, from Moses Lake, he says)And this is where we came in, my mother used to say, like the movies. You come as you are, watch a bit, and leave when you get to the point in the next showing.In I think of shit what is his name Peter Saccio’s class not shakespeare just rudiments of the tongue or written language there was something in Czech for some reason a fancy term for “the story” versus “how the story is told” — like “slgsljkdfket” versus “shdlaidfl di slgsljkdfket” or something — experiemnts in form. Or where I’m from as some say, sex or sez Xgau…

It shall be seen whether in the future when the humans leave and hummngbirds grow to 60,000 times their size whether this fetish will attract birds of a feather or “iron sharpens iron” in the sense of attraction and polarizing or will they be afreard of such.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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