Softly Loosely Earthwise VS Palo Palooza III

Hawktail including Jordan Brittany Dominick Paul will play at Lytton Plaza Saturday but may also be Brittany Paul Jordan Dominick stay tuned as they will

I am debating whether to give a special name to my event Saturday which features Hawktail.

I am thinking of calling the event Softly Loosely Earthwise which references the name of my company Earthwise Productions of Palo Alto but also Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, a much larger and more famous entity that produces, in most years, a big free concert at Golden Gate Park. In fact, Hawktail was booked into that event and only scheduled Palo Alto when the Covid crisis forced postponement of the event. Actually, HSB says the event goes on, on the internet.

Hawktail is a band with four members, based in Nashville and featuring Brittany Haas who locals have known for many years, as a fiddle player. Andy my sound guy claims she has a sister and maybe an Irish twin who also plays bluegrass, he’s worked with. My sense is that they reached out to Ray Sliter who runs a house concert series in Barron Park – -although the concerts are in a special building behind a house that is more like a concert hall. Hawktail perhaps played that series before they were famous and now want a guarantee which Ray is not in a position to offer. Or, he did a show with AJ Aisha Lee and Sullivan Tuttle and Blue Summit recently – I attended – and those people are friends with Hawktail and somehow that led to them calling me. Thru their agent. Or her assitant. From the former Monterey Peninsula Agency. Then the former Paradigm agency. Now Wasserman Group.

This may or may not be helpful but fits nicely loosely and earthwise this space

I’ve been Earthwise since about 1994 – -its a pun on my name. I literally just this a.m. sent a text to mayor Tom — not Major Tom —Tom Dubois. Saying that earthwise means moves like the earth in the way hands on a clock move clockwise or a crab moves crabwise. It means that I am small and adapted to my niche – -see E.F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful. Tom was on KQED Forum not with Michael Krasny but with Alix Madrigal sometimes called Alexis. Or maybe “Alixis”. I know Michael Krasny slightly since he taught a class at Stanford recently but don’t know Alix Madrigal but always somehow that she was a woman. (I think my freshman girlfriend Charlotte from Dartmouth whose dad was a college professor in Hartford, CT had a baby daughter named Alix — also my roommate Brian Gaul had a kid sister named Alexis. I think Alexis has kids now too, mazel too. There’s a guy named Alexis Harte not from Hartford but went to Yale I think — but not with Meklit Hadero, whose hubby is named Marco like me and will be playing soon enough again in Palo Alto I think. Maybe the following week, at Lytton with Axion Orkestra or something – he played as Inspector Gadje on Cali Ave recently part of this run. Actually Jacob of Savage Band – I’m getting to, working up to, getting to ramp speed — says he knows Morgan of Gadje, the reeds player. But I digress).

This is a painted football by Richard Anuszkiewicz at Dartmouth and only marks the fact that Stanford plays Oregon Saturday sort of before Softly Loosely Earthwise and sort of competing with Savage Band

I might call my show with Hawktail at 7 pm. Saturday at Lytton Plaza as in about 96 hours “The Palo Palooza III’ because its the third time I’ve done an event that I called Palo Palooza in reference to Lollapalooza, which is in Chicago but used to be a tour. The first Palo Palooza was indoors at Cubberley and had Three Day Stubble and several other bands, in 1995. The second one was in 1996 and had Skankin’ Pickle unadvertised and several other bands, outdoors at Cubberley amphitheatre, very near where I voted recently. So I seem to be pretty surely adding a 2 p.m show with local musicians Savage Band featuring Jacob Savage and someone named Anna on vocals — they are the ones who played tonight at Ramona and University and pulled power from a white school bus. And then at 5, that is to say two hours before the Hawktail show, Tommy Jordan of Paly class of 1981 has a project called Service Human that will perform. I have no idea what they sound like other than they will march in and march out and set for a bit and play. Tom has played with people like David Byrne, Greg Kurstin, Jack Johnson and Tom Ze. He says this show is dedicated to his friend Chihsuan Yang, a violin player who was seriously injured in Los Angeles this month in a car accident.

Service Human wears vests that call to mind, especially if you read this post, the vests worn by some dogs. Tommy likes dogs, he put one on the cover of his cd. He also wrote a song that was leased to Mercedes Benz, whatever that says about the universe. Tom Jordan is actually Italian. The family name was Giordano, he told me once. His father also named Tom Jordan lived on Churchill near the Lawn Bowling facility and was once my adviser when I ran for City Council. He also mentored Tom Dubois our current mayor.

Mr Jordan said “Find a parade like in ‘The Tao of Pooh‘ and jump in front of it”.

So to repeat Earthwise is producing a free event four days from now with three bands and about 12 or 13 musicans including Hawktail group at 7 (bluegrass) and Tommy Jordan Service Human (miscellanous music that is fun and includes at least some drums and horns, and they will march in and march out, and have a sick friend) and Savage Band (covers of songs like Stevie Wonder “Signed Sealed And Delivered” and and Norah Jones “Don’t Know Why” but with trumpet solos and a vocalist who can really bring it named Anna who is either Mexican or Greek or both) and I may also be referring to the whole farragut as Palo Palooza III or Softly Loosely Earthwise.

Hawktail is also Brittany Paul Jordan and Dominick but does not like to be called the BPJD Music Syndicate. Nor will they be taking batting practice for jurisprudence.

Jacob and Anna tonite at around 9

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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