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Duffy the Dog is not really my training partner



Wonder Bread 5 to finish SF Half Marathon — I hope they play Cake “The Distance” or Nirvana “Smells LIke Middle Aged Guys Who Need a Shower”

48. LONG RUN? (which would be about 8 to 10 at most — for a 13.1 mile San Francisco Rock and Roll Half Marathon, Sunday, April 5 where my goals would be a, finish; b, survive to talk about it; c, beat last year’s time, which should be easy since I jumped in at the last minute; although I am 20 pounds heavier than then; d, let’s say the goal is 3 hours, which means 12 times 15 minute miles plus a sprint at the wire. Basically, as I did last year – -which was walk 10 miles and run 3, at 20 min mile for the walk and 14 min mile or so for the jogs — to merely beat the body-snatcher or the close of timing — which was four hours — I would be combining walking and jogging. One idea, which was suggested to me last time but a bit beyond my reach, would be to super-set a series of 90 one minute walks and 90 one-minute walks, for three hours or 180 minutes.













35. you can sort of infer if you are reading this in February or I never returned to it, that my goal for the training period of two months is 50 workouts. That includes 100 miles on the road, like 20 road workouts at an average of 5 miles per run, between two miles starting point and the 10 mile long runs. At one point I had planned to do 500 miles in prep but that didn’t last long.

36. I will paste this in at the bottom, as in workout number 1 of 50, but today this a.m. I went to the gym and did 2 miles on the treadmill, in about 40 minutes. You got to start somewhere. I weighed in this morning at 218. My pulse on the treadmill went up to about 118. I think normally or as I advance I would add some weights. Or maybe: warm-up, weights, cardio/endurance. I guessI should watch what I eat. Also, I wonder how the discipline will help my other pursuits, for example my concert series. I guess I could count my drinks per week and then taper them or count down. Let’s say it is capped at 10 for now. Hydrate. A second set of goals is: visit the gym every day, or 50 times total (every day would be 60 times or so).










2. Tuesday — dropped by the gym, before a 430 pm phoner. did two miles in 30 min on the treadmill. That’s good for me. I think I will do a LSD run from my North Palo Alto abode to The Mitch, maybe this weekend. That’s about 8 miles RT. LSD means long slow distance In my case that means mostly walk. Or it could mean walk down and ride share back. my plan is to hit the gym and some weights in the morning before my trip to LA, and then Thursday we are walking Griffith Park before the conference. My goal is work out every day this month.


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