Dons cover versus visiting Big Green hoopsters


Dartmouth takes five in Sobrato war Memorial under the banners of the immortal five: Russell, Jones, Smith, and to others so I can’t quite make out in this moment

The University of San Francisco basketball Don’s led by two local lads one from Palma in Salinas a nifty point guard number one and one from a kid from Burlingame in Frenchy Fuqua or something Beat the visiting big green Dartmouths By 19 points Saturday up on the hill parentheses but not that hill ) In front of a mixed bipartisan throng.


Senator Judge Kopp waved to the crowd, temporarily obscuring from my POV Bill Cartwright 20 feet away.

I’ve visited briefly with Senator Judge Kopp Who sat by himself on the baseline Acually he sat near Bill Cartwright. Kopp himself a former Indian freshman hoops stalwart -Why that word sound like something out of Harry Potter? He does not condone gambling yet responded pointedly to my somewhat Socratic or rhetorical Statement about what to expect by pulling out the sporting green from his vest in quickly Spying the line item That said that fate favored the bolder greens by 16. Final score was Dartmouth ‘49, San Francisco 380. Inside post play of the verbal vaietal.
I sat with Carl Beaumont Brown Of Emerson Street in Palo Alto, parentheses he knows insurance parentheses who had four tickets in the Phil Smith section 3rd row seats one through four not too shabby extremely good fortune because Steve Eric and I bumped into him as he was parking his car.

I also shared good cheer and hard alcohol parentheses he I had a pumpkin lager at Steele brew on Fulton Brian stretch the former St Ignatious And Dartmouth quarterback and fastballer who recently joined the public sector after 30 years prosecuting baddies for we the people: he was the US attorney for northern California until a certain

9124BD52-6ADF-4374-9D25-4BE9CBEAF5F3somebody seems to have removed all the white hats. Brian said he did remember gunn 57 Sandy Nish is 59 At Maples Pavilion and acted surprised and impressed to know that I had suited that day. And that I knew the names of his schoolmates Fortier still Jen Massaroni and Feeney
More to come stay tuned
This is Phil Smith, and all America from George Washington high school who died in 2002 of skin cancer and average nearly 8 points a game as a rookie for the world champion warriors and then 20 the following year as a starter.

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