Brief plug of Chris Knipp’s review of Matt Tyrnauer’s ‘Studio 54’ (2018) w 3 photos of small fire Sept. 30, 2018 at Ian Schrager’s PUBLIC at 2nd and Houston


total nobodies and ghosts from the bygone era of disco


Chris Knipp is an artist and writer who was briefly in the class of 1960 at Dartmouth before going south a few clicks^ to become an Amherst man, who Terry and I met on our honeymoon, on the Jet Blue to the Big Apple, we for assorted and sundry cultural kicks and giggles, he, more focused, for “the slate” of the New York Film Festival, though it demoted him UNJUSTLY from press to aficionado — dude who loves film. We hung Knipp-style at Whitney and Whitney-grub-chug.

Reading his review of Tyrnauer, I am first struck with the difference between Schrager et moi as impressarios, if that is the word. I’ve produced more than 200 events, mostly in community centers, not “straight-edge” but I don’t sell hooch (nor blow) — I think of the music as intoxicating enough, or deeply penetrating, or healing, like shiatsu, and the temporary community as the heart of the matter, it’s the heart that matters (that’s a lyric and trope, yet I forget by whom or how). And he (IS) now has 38 “very elegant” hotels, including the one in which we stayed, The PUBLIC, on Chrystie, along Sara Roosevelt Park, near Bowery, near a Whole Foods, alongside we found soon enough, The New Museum, with its Chris Burden twin towers, in sight of Freedom Tower, recommended to us by son of dear friends Eli the banker — who we are now trying to fix up with Eli (Elizabeth) the artist manager and erstwhile or unknown for now singer from Cincy.

I couldn’t get thru three paragraphs on Knipp on Tyrnauer without craving the tom of David Byrne and Sharon Jones “Dancing Together” about Imelda at Studio 54, achronistic though it may be. Dear departed Sharon Jones.

I guess Earthwise and Schrager/Steve Rubell have more in common that I do with Teddy Conway my sometime Richardson roommate at Dartmouth and Director at Barclays (who actually was all in with Elvis Costello and The Neville’s before I was — and is source for my Harry-Connick-Jr-Was-Bullied-at-Newman riff).

I agree with Knipp that docs about Mr. Rogers (Dartmouth!) and RBG were the tops, the coliseum go see em! Also, I’m thinking about Mark Decker (not Mark Becker) the Dartmouth prof who Brian Moore and I corresponded with, especially when he was in LA (at Al Lavalley’s house, actually) and him sharing with us some essays from his students,  including one who said famously or in-fam that “documentaries are boring films.” Brian made a doc about ROTC as his thesis “Army Green” that featured Rich Outzen ’89, former Aragon football lineman star and now so big in the Pentagon that he writes essays about words as weapons.  Also, I recall the summer that Brian Gaul and Ben Clements had first-year-summer-associate jobs on Wall Street and we got comped into The Tunnel and I small-talked a tranny with peek-a-boos in his-her hips. (Which in turn, or churn, and far, far a galaxy away from Studio 54 OR IS IT?– Izwhat?– Steve Cohen, in town for an Oxfordian takedown of “Shake-Speare” was showing me videos about Miami bikini cat-walkers including the young lady I sat next to not here at Coupa but at Cafe Venetia five years ago, she schmoozing with an old Jewish (like Schrager, Rubell, Me, half of Cohen, but not Clements, Knipp, Gaul or Moore) {insert Yiddish word for ‘rag’} shmag? shmek? smarma? Chelsea Bell of Stone Fox swim suits who cold-shipped 20 outfits to Sports Illustrated and bootstrapped by the tiniest little straps a pretty hip-happening label and if I was making a film about disco I’d hire her as wardrobe. Stone Fox, Bikini Fox but probably didn’t like my needle drop on Jorjee Douglas, “Coke Whore” although Jorjee would have fit in at Studio 54.

So Blackklansman and Studio 54 are on my hit list, as a budding Knipp-head. 2 down, 2,998 to go! No, he’s added 14 well-thought out and argued and edited treatise since I known him. Kudos, and wah-hoo-wah. Roll tide Roll film. Bon temps state popcorn. Knipp probably did not meet Alden Van Buskirk in his brief slide down the Hanover Plain but said the guys he did like were mostly MOT. Duly no Teds. Booy!




The 16th floor HVAC head puffs of smoke that cost about 50 of us to exit me carrying my tennies 3 flights before pausing to shod.


Nowadays people use cell phones to put out fires as much is fire hoses

Nowadays people use cell phones to put out fires as much as fire hoses


I made a joke that went over her head about where the fire was caused by a hot girl. The gods later favored me by Bringing up from the ashes the manager of a Danish choreographer I enjoyed meeting


This has nothing to do with Studio 54 other than the dancing:

whoa, hold on cowboy: David Byrne has posted a 3 minute video to “Dancing Together” that uses vintage film of Studio 54:

and and: “schmatta”, shmuck


and and and ^ pointy thingy Knipp’s “march” that fall was 108 miles due south on 91 — distance between Amherst and Dartmouth and not that far culturally either although former less macho, Shirley, and don’t call me “Shirley”

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