‘Das boot’ booty

file under “film” and “filthy lucre”

from those formiddables at MoFo:

Jost Vacano, acclaimed cameraman of the 1980s blockbuster “Das Boot,” has landed another – though tainted – success in his chain of legal proceedings for additional remuneration on the basis of the bestseller rule contained in Section 36 of the German Copyright Act. In the most current case, the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart awarded him about €315,000 plus VAT in additional remuneration for receipts made with the film by public broadcasters during the years from 2002 to 2016. Noticeably, and in contrast to prior decisions by other courts, Vacano has not been granted interest in the additional remuneration owed to him.


Bestseller Rule and Prior Decisions

In March 2002, a provision was implemented by German copyright law that became known as the bestseller rule, allowing creators to seek additional subsequent remuneration if their initial payment was noticeably disproportionate to the ultimate financial success of the project. On the basis of that rule, Vacano had been suing production company Bavaria Film as well as distributor EuroVideo and public broadcasters in courts in Munich and Stuttgart since 2008, claiming additional remuneration for his outstanding camera work in the film “Das Boot” (which had earned him an Oscar nomination). Initially, Vacano had been paid a flat fee equaling €100,000 today (about $122,000) and was not given a share in future profits. The main issues discussed by both courts relate to the existence of a significant disproportion and the calculation of additional remuneration, as well as qualifying receipts of distributors and the question of interest being owed under German default law.

Makes me want to finally see the flick!


Amy and Annie Smith are Stanford ’85s from Wyoming and born on my birthday (Aquarius) and once sent me a demo about submarines with the unforgettable and a little unfortunate line “we go up and we go down”


they deserve their own post. I just wrote that “stanford should admit only twins”

this is an actual still from the german submarine film:

dasbooty.pngand one segue: I just saw in the Times that Ambrose Akinmusire has a new album that includes former Das Racist rapper. More to come.

To review: Das Boot>Amy and Annie Smith>Ambrose Akinmusire-Das Racist. Das plastic baby!

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