Is Jim Tyrer the first CTE suicide?


I bought this card when I was 10 When I was 41 I lived in Brooklyn for a month and, among other things, met a dancer who did a nooner at the 92Y. Her name was Hope.

I met a man last weekend who told me he had a son my age, named HS, who died recently, at age 50 or so. He said his son played three years of football for the local high school team, one year for university, had CTE and eventually suicided. I also went to high school, in 1981, with Krystin Wiggin, whose father coached at local Stanford University and she wrote an essay, in 1981,about the suicide of her father’s teammate and friend Jim Tyrer. When did this start? When and where does it stop?

Palo Alto also somewhat famously has a “suicide cluster” of young people perhaps stresed out by their job prospects or the fate of the planet. Besides HS, I am wondering if Palo Alto has a CTE cluster.

And if we do, so might you.

In my case, I played “flag football” at the local junior high. I was a guard on running plays and switched to flanker on pass plays. My mom would not let me play high school (tackle) football; she sent me to tennis camp instead of “double days”. When George Seifert was a Stanford assistant (to Bill Walsh) he told my mom at a banquet that she did the right thing, but she said he said that I shouldn’t play football unless I had a “killer instinct”.

(My mom, ironically, died last week of Alzheimer’s, at 87 — a separate but related problem: when did Alzheimer’s start? Where and when does it end?)

Edit to add, days later. Versions of this were circulated or disseminated by email, posted on Yahoo and sent to City Council. Steve Koehler a former Mountain View ‘82 who now lives in an intentional community in EPA and balloon twister recalled that Tyrer was a murder suicide.

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