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Greenberry RFB

I was grooving on the track #8 and probably single four or five from the multi-platinum Green Day break-thru “Dookie” from 1994 or so, “She”: She, she screams in silence. As I whistle it, hack that I am, it sounds … Continue reading

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Times plugs Stanford new work in drama, with tech history theme

John Markoff The New York Times tech writer today has a preview of a new theatrical work at Stanford, “The Demo” about Douglas Engelbart’s famous demonstration in 1968 of what is now ubiquitous, the use of a “mouse” to control … Continue reading

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Yeah i hear you, I’ve written since 2010 1,400 posts (not all about music, certainly not all about jazz) but have probably been to less than 100 shows. I’ve only produced 10 shows, down from 30 a year in my … Continue reading

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Henry Butler is no small, Japanese woman although Mimi Jones is a West Indian ram

I was Henry Butler’s manager, for six months. (blind piano player from New Orleans) Malcolm Papa Mali Welbourne (who actually got his moniker from his reggae days, dubbed such by Burning Spear himself, because Malcolm or Mali had four kids … Continue reading

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She’s literally the 6th man

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Scharff: Not a cap, a halo

Live from 250 Hamilton, in real time: Council members are taking five minutes each to tell us their latest thinking, on the downtown cap (meaning: LIMIT) which has been on the books since at least the 1998 Comp Plan, general … Continue reading

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Office versus culture in Palo Alto

I am late for the City Council study session on water because I am reviewing the voluminous packet of letters regarding tonight’s later item about a Downtown Cap or a moratorium on office space. I want to chime in, via … Continue reading

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