People who inscribed my Terman yearbook, in 1977

I think of the internet as a business tool, not personal, yet cannot help this frivolous and esoteric post. The people who signed my Tiger Tracks:

1. Anna Lee
2. Andy Zenoff
3. Brad Chinn, or maybe Brad Scott, but not Brad Elman
4. Andres Fajardo
5. Chris Strausser
6. Brian Evans
7. Mark Leland
8. Marianne Chowning
I was fit enough to win a trophy and you were fit enough to break one. But it’s ok. 9. Brad Elman
10. Amy Christianson
11. Dana Boyd or possibly Dana Henderson
12. Erik Lindgren (r.i.p.)
13. Florence Reinisch
14. Dave Perry
15. Diane Collman, now known as Diane Skinner of Saratoga
16. Tom Mell: Mark I hope this summer you get a good girl thats very horny have a great summer
(and my mom asked about this one and I said I did not know, in this case, what exactly he meant, partially true, still somewhat true)
17. Peter March
18. Dan Creek: don’t have anything to say! (with a loop on the bang)
19. Natalie (not sure which Natalie, probably not McClure since she was mean to me)
20. Rob Waller
21. Peter Lyon
22. Dave Almond (brother of author Steve Almond)
23. Wendy Hines — I have to admit I do not remember her, she may be an 8th grader
24. Paul Moraga
25. Justin Clayton
26. Katy Jacobs
27. Anita Hochscheid, called me “Whiskey” not in reference to Lynyrd Skynyrd
28. Kristin Horn, whose father played punter for the Colts and played with her baby
years later on my parents rug, with my brother’s wife, Nancy the gyn nurse: did Isabelle Beddows deliver her baby?
29. Karen Grove, admitting unrequited 5th grade “fun”
30. Anne Lindee, who saw me get my first Senior Little League hit, mid-season, a 13 in a 13-15 league, inside out swing on a hanging curveball from Paul Hopper off right field fence, hesitated at second and got thrown out by a mile and a half at third, my teammates laughing at me, and I worried if that was therefore not my first hit. Anne, a golfer I think, weeks later: You are a really great guy and a super baseball player!
31. Darla Cowden, kid sister of high school All America in tennis Rick Cowden but an 8 to my 7, but wow, she wrote 80 words, maybe I should call her!!
32. Holly Wilson
33. holy cow, there is a photo of Tony Mouton on the 8th grade or Varsity wrestling team, pinning an opponent with just his legs and I was just describing this to people last week when current mayor of Palo Alto Nancy Shepherd and I called on Gunn coach Chris Horpel, and Hal Daner was there, then-coach of the Terman wrestlers, but all these years I do not know if I saw the famous pin or just remembered the photo. I last saw Tony Mouton, who later broke Joe Charboneau’s SCVAL home run record in 2008 at memorial for Dan McCalister.
34. Beth, either Davis or Arons, I am guessing Arons. No, Davis
35. Susan Herrington, daughter of Stanford police chief Marv
36. Ted Corbin
37. Eric Cohen, drew a hammer head shark, presaging his art degree with Lobdell and Oliveira at Stanford, and his MFA with Paul McCarthy at UCLA.
38. the other Beth, Arons.
39. Sally Mueller “keep on singing,it’s so cute when ya sing!”
40. anonymous:
Mr. Murray was tight
and so was Miss White
But never fear
see you next year
41. Sunny Geers
42. Ellen Liband
43. Cary Milia
44. another Susan
45. Greg Zlotnick
46. Alisa Patnuade
47. Putt, aka Cheryl Preising
48. Brad Scott
49. Nina Goldberger
50. Maria Gonzalez
51. Marcy Spalletta
52. Mary Laub, born on the same day as I
53. Nancy Parker
54. Mike Cohen
55. Tony Madayag
56. Nancy Sarpa
57. Chris Kelley
58. Kathy Schindler
59. Nick Sturiale

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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