Work-in-progress Mark Weiss ballot statement 2014

Sometimes I feel like we cannot see the forest -- City Hall -- for the trees, and cell phones and coffee and billion dollar dreams. Wake up!

Sometimes I feel like we cannot see the forest — City Hall — for the trees, and cell phones and coffee and billion dollar dreams. Wake up!

Statement of MARK WEISS, Candidate for

Member, Palo Alto City Council

Occupation: CEO of small business / activist / writer

Education and Qualifications:

I am running for Council in the tradition of Simitian, Fazzino and Yeh, who were student leaders here and evolved into public service. I am a Gunn Titan (class of 1982) and was graduated from Dartmouth College (1986) where I was an English major but also read philosophy, history and government.

My campaign expands on five years of serious study of and engagement with local policy and the growing sense that leadership does not represent the interests of the citizens, and instead has been significantly undermined by special interests such as commercial real estate developers.

Beyond gaining a Residentialist majority on Council, I believe, after reading Thoreau (1849) that a Democracy demands an engaged citizenry close enough to leadership to impact it or force it to “move on”. More recently, George Packer’s “The Unwinding” is a call to action, here.

I’ve posted more than 100 articles about local and national policy on my internet website and blog called “Plastic Alto”. People can read more there and add their viewpoints or contact me.

Much of my 2012 platform was incorporated into the new residentialist movement, the referendum on housing, and is consistent with the findings of the Santa Clara Grand Jury 6/16/14  about 27 University.

I feel that my qualifications and values best represent the rank-and-file citizens here, especially those who are the product of PAUSD schools or are long-term residents. I also plan to draw significant support from environmentalists, parks advocates and the 40 percent of citizens who rent.

I advise my fellow Palo Altans to lean in NOW on the Comp Plan ratification process. Why flush 120 years of history into the Bay for short term gain or greed?


edit to add, three months later, or two days ahead of THE DAY: Nancy Packer, mother of George Packer endorsed me, and I am making good on my declaration to her that I bought multiple copies of “The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America” at a discount and am getting the word out, disseminate as in used to say in The Orange Bible. Susan Charles endorsed me today; Jerry Masteller. G. Scott Rafshoon, Colin but not Griffin Bonini; Brian Moore; I think I am up to near 50 but lose track of some of them, and have no good way to get the word out. I sang a version of “sinner man” by Nina Simon to Yiaway “Asian Glory” Yeh and Cecilia Ma but don’t think that will get him off the fence. Mrs. Sandy Adams mother in law of our other ex-mayor Peter D I chatted up this a.m. and I forget how well it went. I wrote to LaDoris I letter that nearly made me weep, but will probably have to wait until a type of after-life to get traction with her. Getting Susan’s support, and a hug, felt great.

Dear God: please direct people to my 200 word statement. And thanks for the weather. Mark (dude 6,007, 456, 888 today).

Nick Larson endorsed me, I think, or hung a sign and posed.

It’s kind of a weird thing this “will you endorse me” it ranks up there or down there with Terman 7th grade: “do you wanna go?”

I have written 140 posts on plastic alto slash platos republic since pulling papers in july, quite an output.

About markweiss86

Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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