Stevie Nicks at Cubberley Aud, 1967

Stevie Nicks, of Fleetwood Mac fame, was a Menlo Atherton class of 1966 grad and sang with a local band, Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band, for a Christmas Dance, 1967, the FM fans sussed out, thanks to the Cubberley Catamount, on line in various places. I was researching a reference to a Buffalo Springfield concert at Cubberley, the Tri-School Concert, from 1967 — found a picture of the promoter, Rod Jew, student, and posters by Bill Sperry.
Lindsay Buckingham was also in this four-piece, all students at M-A, later forming Buckingham Nicks and then FM, according to those who know.
For what its worth, I had recently been reading Danny Goldberg’s book, “Bumping Into Geniuses” and the section on Nicks (he was her manager for a while). I have never met Goldberg, but saw him lecture at a conference when he was with Mercury, way off topic, which is Palo Alto cultural history.
A wikipedia entry, that doesn’t get much traffic, on Cubberley Center lists about a half dozen concerts there, the bulk of them produced by Earthwise:
Cubberley also once hosted rock shows by local bands and touring artists including Buffalo SpringfieldSantana, William Penn and His Pals, CakeThird Eye Blindblink-182, Daniel Tsai Band, and Frank Black.
William Penn being among other things a Gregg Rolie early project (during the days at Cubberley High, which has its own wiki….).
edit to add, a couple hours later: this seems like a pretty seminal article on the early days of rock and roll on the Peninsula, with Mike Shapiro, a Cubberley grad who co-founded William Penn.
Paul Freeman fairly recently with Gregg Rolie in the Merc. Robyn Israel for the Weekly with Rolie, about 10 years ago. (with the hilarious headline “His roots are showing”….)
edit to add: this is from nearly 6 years ago — I am updating in March 2019, a visitor from the future. A man named H_ wrote me, after coming to a Scott Amendola show at Palo Alto Art Center to say:
(the above)
was taken by Bill Parrish, Cubberley class of ’69. Bill’s younger brother, Michael “has been writing about rock, folk, bluegrass, world music, and jazz for two decades in publications including the Chicago Tribune, Dirty Linen, Sing Out!, Down Beat, and the Deadhead’s Taping Compendia. In his real life, Parrish is a university administrator” at San Jose State University.
also on related topic I went, with TMW who at the top of this page was merely TMT, to The Fox in Oakland and saw a show with Neal Schon and Gregg Rolie, and loved it. To the extent that Leo Herrerea seems to have a yearly Santana Tribute show in the City of Palo Alto civic series, I always say we should try to get Gregg, a founding member of both Santana and Journey, both Hall of Fame bands. I also spoke to Lenny Siegel then mayor of Mountain View and Jerry Hill now an outgoing State elected, to erect a plaque in Mountain View near the site that Gregg met Carlos.
And 1: Greg Brown once called me to say he was digging thru his archives and found a flyer he drew for Old Brown I think it was called, a band that he claimed featured Schon or Rolie – -I know forget. But he never delivered it to me for inspection and Julie I mentioned this to, but she hasn’t in earnest gone thru the somewhat sad task of archiving the Greg Brown vault. I pass the murals every day, one or more, about four.

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