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Danse Macabre with my former classmate

Somehow I found myself searching for Martin Kryska, my Dartmouth classmate who died in a car accident in 1992. I didn’t remember that he was at Anderson Ranch arts center near Vail, CO in residency at the time of the … Continue reading

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Take 4:32 (Dave Brubeck tribute)

file under: the joints are really flipping (when I heard about the passing of Mr. Brubeck, I thought to post a video of a performance of Oranj Symphonette, featuring Matt Brubeck, his son, on the strength that this was the first … Continue reading

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Pandora is evil, Linda is beautiful

Linda Perry, the song writer who penned Christina Aguilera’s hit tune ‘Beautiful,’ saw the song played more than 12 million times on Pandora during the first three months of the year. For that Perry earned $350. (Credit: Greg Sandoval/CNET) Read … Continue reading

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life is so strange

life is so strange (short review, plagiarized from heather desaulniers, about new work by mary armentrout) read more here: ^ ^ ^ > > ^ ‘   ,    , hey look I made the little mark dance along the … Continue reading

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Unusual as it is being an adopted Korean Swedish Jew

If it’s an okay (I almost said “aoki”) segue from Ai Weiwei below (and Kara Maria) to Rebecca Erickson, the self-described “Korean Swedish Jew”, I actually bumped to this because my morning email included a newsletter from my close personal … Continue reading

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Year of the Elephant

This is either the worlds worst preview for an art show or a pretty lame fan letter. I can edit to add the actual details of  #@&^ upcoming local show; I think it said Feb. 25, 20&^ at Café DuNord … Continue reading

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If you’ve ever had the shrimp and grits from Crooks Corner, you may also put Clyde Jones in your pantheon, and this film with that one of Picasso

Well, piss on a stick. If it’s just a link, and not an M bed, I ain’t gonna waste a whole post on it. Ok. now it works (excuse the foul language. I don’t recall ever saying “piss on a … Continue reading

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The last words of Robert Arneson (1930-1992)

“A huge muscular man walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender can’t help but stare at the guy because in contrast to his large muscles, the man has a head that is the size of an orange. … Continue reading

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27 plus 456 equals 404 in Palo Alto

As posted on Palo Alto Weekly site, in response to their downright journalistic report on the general stinkiness of the Arrillaga Office Towers project: Also, as the Weekly reported at the time, Steve Emslie and Tom Fehrenbach of City staff … Continue reading

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